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by Jena Luthovski - Date: 2006-11-21 - Word Count: 430 Share This!

Generally, there are two reasons to go to a health clinic. These two reasons are treatment and prevention. When sick, it is often important to see a doctor, perhaps at a clinic. The doctor will help you get well again. Equally, to stay healthy, there is often a need to be screened for certain conditions in advance, or perhaps receive a vaccination or other preventative measures. It is the same with golf clinics. Golfers go to clinics to correct incorrect technique, and to learn new skills (prevent low scores and future error). Golf clinics can cover a wide variety of topics and skill levels.

For example, the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golfers Association) has clinics across the country for professional women to work on golf technique and business skill on the golf course. Golf is often viewed as a tool in the business world. There are even online golf clinics. These clinics provide many tips and techniques to improve your golf game. For example, one tip is to pretend you have basketball between your knees to improve swing.

Because you are in your home or office reading a computer screen, personal practice is then required. Because golf is ninety percent mental, golf clinics often deal heavily with this aspect. One issue with some golfers is fear on the course. This is especially true if you are playing with those who have more experience and skill. One key in lowering a golf score is to get rid of that fear. It is important to increase focus and confidence instead. In addition, a key instilled in many clinics is to "shrug off" bad shots.

This is not an easy thing to accomplish for some people. However, if taken too seriously, one bad shot can ruin your focus for the rest of the game. Golfers are taught that some of these mental challenges can be overcome by relaxing, and even pretending you are practicing. Many corrective measures are taken at clinics. For example, if an instructor notices that your grip is wrong, they will give you tips to correct it, and then have you practice until you are more effective.

An example of a skill you may need to acquire is getting sand shots down. You may wonder how exactly they get that little golf ball out of that big sand trap. That can be taught, and practiced at a clinic. There are varieties of golf clinics all across the county. Some feature well-known professional golfers. Many of these clinics are very beneficial to the golfer. Regardless of experience or skill level, often there is something for everyone.

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