Each One is Immersed in His/her Own World!

by Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya - Date: 2006-12-03 - Word Count: 1787 Share This!

The world perceived by us all is not exactly as it appears to be. The reality is this that the material world is but the manifested effect of the movements of various atoms and molecules. Our experiences of various objects, events in this world are directly dependent on the designing of our eyes and level of intellectual perception.

If one person's eyes sees something in a particular way it is not necessary that others too will visualize it in the same way. Our eye perception varies in accordance with a sharp, dull, diseased etc eye sight. One person sees an event right in front of him in one particular way and another person may experience it differently. This holds true for taste perception too. A person who is very ill finds any delicious food item bitter in taste. If our tummies are full or if we get indigestion delicious food too is unappealing to our taste buds. The matter does not end here because the gland secretion of every individual differs chemically. As a result of this one particular food item tasted by various individuals gives different tastes to all of them. At the gross level everyone finds salt salty and sugar sweet in taste. And yet a deeper analysis tells us that even saltiness and sweetness have many classes. Thus all tastes perceived by various people differ from one another in many ways. This holds true for our eyes too. The differences seen in the designing of the eyes of various people along with that of the brain lead to varied perceptions of a single object or event by different people.

The designing of the eyes of birds and human beings differ a great deal. This holds true for their brain designing too. Thus birds do not see various things in the world in the same way as human beings do. Birds perceive colors differently when compared to the color perception of mankind.

A Russian animal/bird research centre says that a bull cannot perceive red color. For bulls, white and red color perception is synonymous. Even honey bees cannot differentiate between white and red color. Glow worms perceive ultraviolet hue which cannot be perceived by human beings. Birds perceive only 4 colors viz. red, blue, yellow and green. Birds fail to visualize 7 colors and their various classes as human beings do.

In the same way the greenness of grass is not perceived in the same way by everyone. Our language proficiency has its own limitations and hence we cannot describe the subtle differences in the perception of colors by various creatures. If only we become capable of demarcating these differences it will become clear that the various differences as far as taste and color perception are concerned will widen enormously. These differences will be akin to differences between various human beings is concerned at the level of their voice, face and character. In the same way differences exist as far as color perception is concerned. The same holds true for taste. Smell perception too has such differences. As far as hearing and touch sensation is concerned each individual perceives them differently. These differences are very subtle and hence although grossly they are not detected they definitely exist subtly.

The fact remains that just as differences exist as far as individual taste perception is concerned, color perception too is varied for various individuals. These differences are so subtle that our limited speech fails to express them in totality. When 2 people eat the same piece of let us say a cake their taste perception will definitely differ from one another. The problem is this that the differences in perception of the sweet taste are so subtle that it needs a medium of measurement in order to gauge it which is at present unavailable.

Suppose our eyes perceive a particular color in an object seen by it. The question asked is, is the object actually of that color perceived? Is the color of an object perceived by man similarly perceived by other creatures? The answer is an emphatic 'no'!!! The bare fact remains that basically all material objects are colorless. The differences in atomic configuration of various atoms of objects give the illusion of colors. Atoms per se are devoid of color. Thus the question arises as to what is color?

Material objects absorb only the white color of solar rays and disallows any one color of these rays from entering it. Leaves of a plant appear green in color because these leaves fail to absorb green color of solar rays. As a result this reflected green color enters our eyes and hence we say that leaves are green in color.

Spiritualists and philosophers who opine that 'every individual lives in his/her world' are certainly true if analyzed deeply. Each individual creates his own world and lives in it. What exactly is this world? The answer is one and that is that the world is merely the movements created by various atoms and molecules of inert objects. It is like dust constituted of various atoms and molecules which moves in a directional flow of various types. Over here there is nothing tasty, tasteless, beautiful etc. We find neem leaves bitter in taste but the camel finds it 'yummy'. Maybe neem leaves are delicious cakes and pastries for camels. The reality remains that food is not sweet, bitter etc by itself. It is only our taste buds and brain that give them various labels like sweet, salty etc. The designing of our taste buds, intellect etc give us various perceptions like taste, color, sight, smell etc.

The same holds true for the concept of likes and dislikes. It is our beliefs and prejudices which tells us this is 'mine' and 'not mine'. The truth is this, that none are our own and nor are they alien to us. In this garden called planet earth many children run around playfully. Many play in one particular 'team' and the others in an opposing 'team'. If analyzed deeply these associations and dissociations are momentary and yet because we give it undue importance due to the influence of our frail psyches and intellects we say that things/events are conducive or otherwise as the case may be. The external events are not to be blamed but it is our weak psyche which labels them as joyful or painful. The differences seen amongst saints and criminals as far as reacting to a particular situation is concerned are solely based on their mental states and attitudes. Thus to a great extent external events are not to be faulted for our lapses.

Just as our 5 sense organs gauge and analyze the nature of the external world so too the 4 conscious centers of our mind too are responsible for this task. Thus the mind too is a medium that experiences external events. All our knowledge and information is attained via the senses and psyche. The different states of the psyches of various human beings are responsible for the varied reactions evoked while they face one particular common situation. If the fact was singular in nature the reaction to it too should be of one type only. One man executes criminal activities and another loves serving the world in various ways. One loves fleeting sense pleasures and the other is a hermit (Tyaagi). One person loves flaunting his achievements, wealth etc and another lives a simple life full of high thinking. One is immersed in amassing wealth etc and the other live a life of a mendicant. These differences clearly prove that the external events are not their root cause but that it is their different mental states and attitudes that are responsible for them. If only this cosmic truth had been accepted by us all there would have been no place for fanatic differences of opinions. Our sense organs are known to misinform us but the bigger culprit is our mind which makes illusory inferences regarding external worldly situations/objects.

The experiences of joy and sorrow are very much relative. A situation is joyous or painful only when compared to another situation. A middle class family is poor when compared to a very wealthy family but it is rich when compared to the poor class families. A patient who has a common cold is less fortunate than a healthy person but is definitely more fortunate when compared to a cancer patient. Apart from the 10% bodily ailment associated pain the remaining 90% joys and sorrows are very relative in nature. A single situation makes one person happy and another sad. On the basis of the various conclusions drawn it is difficult to pinpoint the truth.

This world is made up of material objects. Material objects are made up of molecules. Molecules are made up of atoms, atoms made up of electrons, protons etc and the latter are manifestations of waves. Modern science says that this material world is nothing but a manifestation of waves and vibrations. These vibrations manifest as sound, taste, smell, vision, touch, thoughts, intellectual prowess, experiences etc. Over there nothing other than vibrations exists.

Within Mother Nature or Prakriti the Supreme Power ceaselessly manifests as vibrations that are responsible for union, give & take, attraction, repulsion etc. These vibratory movements in turn manifest as material objects. Whatever is perceived by our eyes is nothing but the manifestation of vibrations at the root level. Our soul based experiences of these objects/events sometimes increase or decrease which in turn manifest as mental likes and dislikes. All the atoms of animate and inanimate objects are heading in certain directions following a definite pattern of movement. If anyone so desires he/she can enjoy the blissful flow of its direction akin to being seated on the sea-shore and enjoying the waves of the sea rising and dashing on to the ground. Only a deluded person will cry in agony when the wave dashes on to the shore and go overboard with joy when the wave rise higher up in the air. The waves of the ocean will definitely continue with this activity of rise and fall. It is up to us as to how we react to them. We can either calmly and detachedly enjoy this scene or get entangled in the mesh of agony and ecstasy with every rise and fall which in turn can induce nothing but stress and tension in our psyche. Today's creation will definitely lead to destruction one day. A person who dreams of a world that will remain static and unchanging will always remain unfulfilled. Over here a state of changelessness has no place. Anyone who yearns for an unchanging world is in for a rude shock followed by sheer agony and strife.

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