Where Have All The Corner Mail Boxes Gone? Identity Theft

by Linda Meckler - Date: 2007-04-17 - Word Count: 326 Share This!

Have you ever had a credit card stolen? Have you ever had your wallet stolen? Have you ever had your identity stolen? Do you feel if you mailbox is safe if unlocked? If you have answered yes or no to any of the questions, read on.

I lived in an apartment complex where the mail boxes were locked. I felt relieved and stress free. I did not have to worry about some strange person stealing my mail in the dead of night.

Now I live in a complex where the mail boxes are not locked. If I want a locked mailbox I have to pay for the privilege at my local Post Office.

With identity theft on the rampage what happened to the corner mail box? We have so few choices in our mail system. Either use a mail slot that opens directly into your home or garage or use your unlocked mailbox.

I want to know this, WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL THE CORNER MAIL BOXES? Those were the safest. I walked across the street to use by corner mail box. Guess what it wasn't there! I know that the post office has to save money but identity theft is obtained from somebody stealing mail from your mailbox.

Instead of the post office removing the corner mail boxes we need more. We have to have someway we can feel that our mail is safe arriving and leaving. The Federal Post Office is not on every corner, therefore, not convenient for everyone.

If we can put a lock on our own private mail boxes do it! If you can have a mail slit directly into your home or garage do it! But there are many of us with which this is not an option. Then get a P.O. Box at your local post office. We must protect ourselves and our families.

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Copyright Linda E. Meckler 2007

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