Getting the Most Value from Your Exhibitor Budget

by Daniel Chaddock - Date: 2006-12-24 - Word Count: 420 Share This!

The purchase of new trade show exhibit displays represent a significant portion of a company's annual trade show budget. Typically, companies budget approximately 30% of their overall annual marketing budget towards trade show exhibit displays, a rental trade show exhibit, simple banner stand displays, and their overall exhibit program. Establishing a viable budget to purchase new trade show exhibit displays can be acquired by consulting with the vendors of their trade show exhibits or referencing past display purchases. The national average for purchasing new convention booth hardware ranges from $100 to $150 per square foot. For example, a 10x10 booth display is 100 square feet, which will cost between $10,000 and $15,000.

Most exhibit houses offer a variety of ways to acquire new exhibits for trade fairs, including purchase, lease to own, or a rental program. When purchasing a display, your exhibit house will require a deposit prior to placing your order, ranging from fifty to sixty percent, with the balance due upon receipt of the new trade show exhibit displays. Leasing to own your new display has many financial advantages including low monthly payments, acquire equipment without tying up capital, eliminate obsolescence, and simplify accounting. For example, if you only have $8,000 in your annual budget for the purchase of a new trade show booth and it retails for $15,000, you can likely lease the display for a period of three years with a one dollar buyout without exceeding your annual budget. A $15,000 lease, then, will run approximately $518 per month which equates to an annual cost of $6,216.00 (not including taxes).*

If purchasing or leasing new trade show exhibit displays is not an option, then perhaps a rental trade show exhibit will suffice. Renting a convention display provides the exhibitor the opportunity to participate in trade shows at a fraction of the cost of purchase. Nationally, display rental fees are approximately thirty to forty percent of the retail cost. Some exhibit houses offer a trial rental program which may offer a percentage of your rental to be used toward the purchase of trade show booths and exhibits if purchased within a defined period of time. Don't forget to ask your exhibit salesperson if they offer such a program. Exhibitors may elect to rent an exhibit because they have a conflicting trade show event where they need additional display properties.

Whether you decide to purchase, lease to own or rent your trade show exhibit displays, there are obviously a variety of options to accommodate almost every exhibitor's situation and budgetary requirements.

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