The Many Uses Of A Toy

by Victor Epand - Date: 2008-10-29 - Word Count: 423 Share This!

Regardless of what many people realize toys do have many uses. The first and most obvious way is as a play object for a child to use to pass time. But toys can be used for collectibles just as much as baseball cards or bottle caps are used. Toys can also be somewhat of a healer for a child waiting to get better from their sickness. They can also be used as a symbol of friendship or love in a relationship.

What makes a toy so much fun to use as a child? So many options and possibilities can come from playing with toys and with a little imagination they could be playing with them for hours. After some years or even months a child may grow fond or favorable towards a certain type of toy. A toy can also create a sense of security in a child's life as well. Maybe if they are scared of the dark they grab a hold of their favorite toy in hopes it will protect them through the night. When a child is not feeling well and they receive a new toy it can help them forget about their sickness and bring a positive energy towards them. At this point toys have become not only a physical part of them but also an emotional.

Some people take time and money out of their lives to appreciate a certain type or series of toys that they like. They may set them up on top of their dresser or even set aside on entire glass cabinet display just for there toys. Maybe it reminds them of a childhood cartoon or its just a hobby they picked up from a certain obsession grown over the years. In this way the toys are used as sentimental mementos.

Another common use is for symbolism of an event or given gift to show appreciation in a relationship. Valentine's Day is an excellent example of when toy bears and squishy hearts are given out. Toys are always a good way to show someone that you care and appreciate your relationship. It doesn't always have to be towards your significant other, it can be for a friend that you care for. Hence toys can be used as a symbol of emotion.

When you look at all of this I bet you didn't realize how vast the world of toys can be. Not only can they be apart of your physical life, they can be a part of your emotional life in the from of sentimental value and symbolism.

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