The Truth About Men's Shoes

by Sonali Guha - Date: 2008-12-18 - Word Count: 380 Share This!

Seeing a man in high sole shoes not only makes us laugh but we are also tempted to ridicule his choice of footwear. What we fail to appreciate is his never ending quest to gain height. Platform shoes went out of fashion almost two decades back and since then men have always wanted an easier alternative to those height increasing shoes they could buy off the shelf. Thankfully, the shoe industry has come up with an alternative that discreetly increases the height of men.

Elevator shoes are normal looking shoes but technically they can be classified as high heeled shoes and they are a big hit amongst short and average height men. Women have had the luxury of wearing high heeled shoes for almost an eternity and even today you can find platform shoes for women on the shelves of all shoe retailers. Height increasing elevator shoes are becoming increasingly common for men and there are a number of manufacturers engaged in producing high quality of these shoes for men in North America and Europe.

It is only now that men have realized the importance of shoes in the overall look, something women knew all along. A normal American or European male today cares for what his shoe looks like and is ready to go that extra mile to take good care of them. Today's men are also more likely to spend more money on buying good quality shoes than they did a few decades back. Today your style dictates your social standing and success in professional life.

It has been proved by several surveys that taller men are likely to earn more money and social acceptance than shorter men. Positions of responsibility and authority are inevitably bagged by people who are taller. However, men with average or below average height can now gain height instantly by using these shoes.

This new style of shoes has effectively filled the void in men's closets. These height increasing shoes look like any other normal dress or casual shoes but are constructed differently. They have an in-built insole that is 1 - 3 inches high. The insole is stitched inside the shoe and is invisible from the outside.

Men from just about every age group have found these shoes to be an ideal as they can

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