You Need To Overcome Procrastination Before It Kills You

by Don Elder - Date: 2009-07-27 - Word Count: 536 Share This!

Sounds a little dramatic doesn't it? Well let me give you several examples and you can decide for yourself.

If you were to Procrastinate:
Having a regular check up with your doctor - a serious condition that could be prevented could spiral out of control.

If you were to Procrastinate:
Taking action on that project at work - you could lose your source of income jeopardizing everything you own.

If you were to Procrastinate:
Renewing your drives license - taking a chance that the police could pull you over and impound your car.

If you were to Procrastinate:
Getting in shape (exercising) - it will lead to obesity, high blood pressure or diabetes... (these are life threatening conditions.

If you were to Procrastinate:
Correcting your lazy habit - this could alienate your friends and family, leaving them disgruntled and frustrated.

Some of these may be a little dramatic but, they are very real and could easily happen if you don't take the steps to overcome procrastination now.

So now that we have been scared into action what are some simple steps we can do right now to break this debilitating procrastination habit.

1. Simplify

We have a tendency to make things more complicated than they have to be. Don't over analyze the tasks you need to perform, this can lead to a overwhelming feeling or a fear of failure and lead you to procrastinate finishing the task.

2. Create A Vision

This is very simple. Take the items you want to accomplish and set simple and short attainable goals that lead you to the finished task. Image the future you will have after you have accomplished the task. Looking at the positive outcome vs. the work to be done will drive you to finish.

3. Motivation

List out the things that will make you take action. What is it that will get you to take action right now? Everyone has something that gets there blood flowing and drives them to accomplish a task. Find what that is for you and focus it towards the current task at hand.

4. Create New Habits

Everything we do is a habit. If you really think about the actions you take everyday (eat, brush your teeth, take a walk) they are all habits. You where not born with these actions you had to learn them. if you don't think this is true think about the last time you went somewhere or did something and forgot how you got there. This is because it was such a habit you didn't even have to think to accomplish it.

Make sure the habits you are teaching your self are ones that bring you closer to your goals in life. Learn to break the bad habits.

5. Manage Time

This has always been a subject that I believe opens a lot of peoples eyes. Time management does not exist... you must manage yourself not time as we all have the same amount of time in a day it is how you manage yourself during that time that makes a difference. Read that a few times and let it sink in. Decide today to manage yourself and you will control your time.

You see that procrastination can seriously effect your life. It can seriously harm your well being and create harmful conflict in your relationships. You must break that habit and overcome procrastination now!

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