Where Lean Manufacturing Outscores Traditional Manufacturing

by Aza Badurdeen - Date: 2007-01-19 - Word Count: 194 Share This!

Lean manufacturing is a revolutionary manufacturing system. In an article published on http://www.leanmanufacturingconcepts.com named "Lean productivity Vs batch efficiency" they have mathematically proven that it is possible to increase the effectiveness of the system even without increasing its efficiency even by 1%.

Batch manufacturing concepts looks in to the efficiencies on which it operates. Efficiency calculations gives people an idea how well people are performing a task. But is it really necessary to carryout that work, or what happens in all the other non value added activities? No body is worried in answering those questions in a traditional manufacturing organization. But lean manufacturers ask these questions themselves. This makes a huge difference to a manufacturer.

Suddenly lean manufacturers start to see a huge area where they can do improvements to the system. Very small percentage of work out of all the work carried out in a traditional manufacturing system is considered as productive. More than 80% of resources are wasted in most of the organizations. So lean manufacturers have huge opportunities to improve their system.

Lean is a revolutionary system, not because of its tools and techniques. But because of its differences in thinking and concepts.

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Aza Badurdeen is a process engineer and a lean manufacturing author. You can download his book on lean manufacturing from his site for free.

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