Wedding Reception Planning - Selecting A Venue

by Jenna Bron - Date: 2010-09-15 - Word Count: 388 Share This!

Life will not ever be completed without occasions and celebrations. Moreover, every occasions and celebrations have its own venue or location. When we were little, we often celebrate our birthday in different ways and location. We want it to be more special every year! Why not? It is an occasion that happens once in a year and making it special is a challenge. However, after opening our eyes in the world of reality, we rarely celebrate our birthday. And the worst case is, due to overwhelming work to be done, we have a tendency to forget! Looking at bright side, celebrating an event will put something in our hearts that we can remember until our last breath.

Selecting the best possible venue for an event requires superior knowledge and attention to details. The outcome of the event depends on how we handle certain situations considering different aspects such as limitations and budget. Considering your the parking lot, guests capacity, weather and more elements are big part of your wedding planning and part of your checklist.

When we are exploring a possible venue, we often look at the beauty surrounding the place and how can the desired guests fit in. Two nights ago, I watched a Filipino talk show that was translated to English and the topic was about a unique wedding venue and reception. It is definitely a wonderful thing to see different people with different perspective in life come together to the altar as one. It is good to know that we still have those Cinderella stories all around us. Going back to the talk show, the couple had their reception in one of their favorite branch of McDonald's. It is the place where they met and fall in love with each other. You will see that we do not really need the best place in the world to have a perfect reception area, All we need is the right place at the right time with perfect analysis. This will give you the ability to have your desired wedding with great preparations. Choosing the right venue for you dream wedding is not easy and is not that hard. As long as you both love each other there's no way anyone can stop your dream day. After all, wedding is not that important, it will always be the marriage!

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