Can A Newbie Make Immediate Money On The Web?

by Brian Queenan - Date: 2006-12-23 - Word Count: 486 Share This!

When I first thought of this my first reaction was to say no. The more that I thought about it, the more I realized that a newbie actually can make immediate money with very little investment on their part if he or she do things right.

Of course a newbie wouldn't be able to resort to his or her list because he or she would not yet have one. Of course a newbie could buy a list and spam people which is not a good idea.

Search engines can take a long time to index a website and even longer to get a halfway decent ranking. Since almost all newbie's have absolutely no idea of how to optimize a web page to even get a decent ranking in the first place, organic searches would also be out of the question.

So what's a newbie to do? There are so many supposed strategies out there (some that work, some that don't), what's the best course of action for a newbie to take? We all know that we need to get people to our website in order to be able to sell to them. That goes without saying. But how do we get them there?

The best way for a newbie to get new prospects to their website would be through pay per click advertising. While PPC will cost you an initial investment you will be able to recoup and hopefully profit from it pretty quickly. Think of it this way. Would you give someone $100 if they promised to pay you back $150 in a couple of days? If you trusted the person and their word, I'm sure that you would. That's an easy $50 that you would make for doing basically nothing. That's the way that you should look at PPC advertising. Pay some money now to make money later. Hopefully right away.

Pay per click can start making you money from the get go. Before getting into any PPC campaign make sure that you study and understand how it works and don't do anything until you feel comfortable with it. You also may want to join a forum or two that deal with advertising. You'll want to join forums that specialize in Internet advertising as you will find very knowledgeable people on this subject. They can advise you with any questions or concerns you may have. Run a Google search and type in "forums"+"advertising" you should be able to find quite a few forums that can give you advice.

Google and Yahoo are the largest pay per click programs. There are smaller pay per click programs such as miva that are generally cheaper than Google and Yahoo. Check out Yahoo and Google and read how pay per click works and then join a forum or two to get some advise before you do anything.

If approached properly, PPC advertising can get a newbie on the fast track to making money right away.

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