Special Arrangements Of The Industrial Safety Guideline For The Medicine

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A European guideline to the industrial safety, which must be converted 2008 into national right, could lead to the fact that the magnet resonance Tomografie (MRT) may not be used no more. How professor Maximilian Reiser reported yesterday on the occasion of the congress of radiologist in Berlin, with European Union parliamentarians and representatives from Federal Ministries negotiations were led, in order to reach special arrangements of the industrial safety guideline for the medicine.

A goal of this guideline is main it, persons employed at high voltage mechanisms to protect at Telefonmasten or in electric steel plants against electromagnetic fields. The limit values specified in the guideline apply however - which had obviously not been considered - also for medical personnel with the employment of MRT. The limit values specified by the European Union do not see the radiologists as scientifically at all justified on. After more than 25 years of application with so far over 500 million patient no health risks would have shown up.

If the guideline was converted as original planned, then physicians and maintenance personnel no more could not work in direct proximity of the devices. This is however for the support of the patients or necessary for the intervention in emergencies absolutely. Operations with MRT are then no longer possible.

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Nevertheless the European specialized company of the radiologists reached it at the European Union commission to agree upon a study to possible MRT health damage whose results are expected in November.

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