Satellite Radio Caters To A Lot Of Niche Markets

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Satellite radio might be a fairly new creation, but it's one that's being readily embraced by lots of listeners. The biggest reason for this is the fact that most satellite radio providers have managed to dream up some great ways to target niche markets, making their overall packages look and sound incredible.

The simple truth is that many well rounded satellite radio services are becoming one of the best ways to receive news, information and music all the time, almost anywhere. These services provide a variety of niche programs that just can't be matched on a regular local radio station.

While not all satellite radio providers offer the same types of programming, there are some commonalities between most when it comes to niches targeted. These include:

*Rock fans. Satellite radio just can't be beaten for the number of rock and rock-related stations. From Top 40 and contemporary to oldies and alternatives, the rock stations on most satellite services are so many, it's hard for fans not to find a song on they want to listen to.

*Country fans. Whoever said country wasn't cool hasn't listened to satellite radio. Most services provide niche stations that offer popular country, oldies and even some folk and bluegrass thrown in. Some services will have at least a channel (or several) dedicated to each type of music, too.

*News. With many satellite radio companies getting their news directly from some major outlets, what's on the stations is generally fresh and breaking. This means those with satellite radio don't have to miss out on big events during a drive or even while they're working on the computer.

*Specialty channels. Some satellite radio providers even offer channels dedicated to specific bands. This is serious niche marketing, but some services find fans really enjoy the perk.

*Traffic. This is one of the neatest features offered by many satellite radio providers. Giving up to the minute traffic and weather reports on specific channels for each major metro area, it's easy to keep up with what's going on at home.

*Talk. With more channels than ever to dedicate to talk programs, satellite radio providers are starting to pull some very big names in the industry. From famous radio talk show hosts to even some major names in television, satellite radio is the place to turn for talk.

Targeting hundreds of niche markets at one, satellite radio providers are able to offer more than local stations hands down. It's almost impossible to tune in and not find something worth listening to.

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