Crohns Patients And Back Pain

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Crohn's disease was discovered in 1932 and is a condition that affects both adults and children. Crohn's disease is an inflammatory development in the digestive tract and may occur anyplace (mouth to anus),although it is often limited to the large and small intestines. Inflammation is usually total and at times can cause obstructions in the intestines resulting in the inflamed tissue blocking the passage of both food and waste. Crohn's disease can also lead to fistulas and ulcers which cause discomfort and pain.

Crohn's patients who experience back pain could also be suffering from osteoporosis problems due to many years of poor nutrient absorption and subsequent calcium deficiency.

Research has recently identified that low stomach acid is a possible factor towards increasing the risk of a patient developing Crohn's disease. Other risk factors are genetic predispositions and poor nutrition. Stress can exacerbate Crohn's disease and is not a cause of it.

Associated with Crohn's and back pain are digestive problems like diarrhea, common cramping and development of ulcers and fistulas.

The correct treatment of back pain and Crohns requires that the origin must first be determined to see if it is truly digestive in nature and if it relates to the back, it will help to work towards the reduction of the inflammation in order to resolve the back pain.

Crohn's and back pain can however originate in the back muscles (muscle tension) and bony structures secondary to osteoporosis. In both cases it will be in the patient's best interest to reduce the inflammatory processes and improve nutritional absorption.

Doctors could prescribe different medications for the different problems related to Crohn's and can incorporate the use of pain killers, other medications, dietary changes, surgical intervention and lifestyle changes.

There are patients who have experienced a marked improvement in their Crohn's and back pain via treatments offered by chiropractors. Spinal manipulation, as well as massage and physical therapy, often helps ease many of the symptoms associated with muscle tension and intestinal swelling. Chiropractors believe that chiropractic back adjustments do not cure Crohn's disease but helps in the treatment of back pain associated with this condition.

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