What are the Major Water Purification Technologies?

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Currently there are five major methods of water purification. The most common method is by filtration. Several different methods of filtration are currently in use. Here is a list of the different ways to filter water:




Particle Filtration

Reverse Osmosis


Without getting too technical, each of these methods uses a filter with different sized pores to help remove particles from the water.

Another of the popular methods of water purification is the method of absorption by activated carbon. With this method, the microscopic organisms and chemicals essentially just stick to the carbon.

Ultraviolet radiation is the third method of the five main water purification technologies. This can sterilize the microorganisms and to reduce the amount of actual organic carbon compounds in the water as well. It breaks them down into less harmful compounds.

The oldest method of water purification is distillation. Distilling water involves heating it the boiling point, condensing, and collecting the water vapor. The belief is that only pure water will vaporize. The problem with this method is that contaminants can also vaporize at a boiling point and come over with the water.

The last filtration method of the water purification technologies is deionization. This passes water through resin beds. This method is rather complex and we will not be getting into the actual mechanics of it.

Why do we want a water purification method?

Well the answer to that is very simple. We want to be able to trust the water that we drink and bathe in. As we stated earlier, there are many methods of water purification available. The method you choose should fit your budget and meet the needs of you and your family. Any water treatment method is better than none at all. Do your homework, and make an informed decision.

In conclusion, the advancement in water purification technologies will continue to improve. Do not wait for the newest treatment method. You owe it to your family to provide the best possible water for them to drink and to bathe in starting now.


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