How Men's Body Lotion Transforms Rough, Dry Skin to Smooth and Soothed

by Margaret Bell - Date: 2008-11-25 - Word Count: 535 Share This!

 I am about to tell you about a men's  body lotion that will soften the roughest patches on your body.  A men's body lottion that  has even been shown to heal old scars. I also going to tell you why the men's body lotion you use probably doesn't work.  Then I'll tell you what does work. Guaranteed.

Do you know what the average men's body lotions contain?  They contain mineral oil, artificial fragrances and little else. You don't want to use products that contain mineral oil or added fragrances.  Here's why:

Facts about Mineral Oil

Mineral oil is liquid petrolatum.  Petrolatum is white petroleum jelly.  Paraffin is a wax that is created using mineral oil.  Believe it or not, all of these things are flammable.  They are petrochemicals, derived from byproducts that are created when crude oil is refined to make gasoline.  That might explain why you don't want to use them on your face or body, but if not, read on.

Ever wonder why most companies have products for oily skin and other ones for dryness?  It is because mineral oil and its derivatives clog the pores and feel greasy.  If you already have problems with excessive oils, they'll cause pimples and black heads.

Ever wonder why most companies keep coming out with new and improved products, while keeping their original formulas on the shelf?  It's because the new formulas are not that different from the old ones.  It's a marketing gimmick. 

The truth is that everyone has the same type of skin, it's called human.  We all need the same nutrients to protect and promote the skin's health.  Everyone's sebum (the skin's oil) is the same.  It is just that our sebaceous glands produce varying amounts of sebum at different times in our lives.  Hormones often affect this production.

When we are teenagers and our hormones are raging, we produce more sebum.  When we get older, hormone production, as well as sebum production slows down.  There are natural oils like jojoba that balance sebum production, so it can be used, regardless of your age.  Mineral oil is not actually a moisturizer.  The skin's cells do not absorb it.

 Added Fragrances

What's wrong with added fragrances?  Among other things, they often cause allergic reactions.  Even concentrated natural fragrances should not be used directly on the skin.  A small dab of cologne is okay, but you wouldn't want to drown your body in it.  That's what you are doing with a body lotion that contains an added fragrance.

 Here's what you should be using.


As I mentioned before, jojoba balances sebum production.  So, skin is neither too oily nor too dry.  It has been shown to fade stretch marks, scars and wrinkles.  It is beneficial in treating acne, eczema and psoriasis.

Vitamin B5

This vitamin helps repair the skin's tissues.  So, it is of particular importance if you have any cracking, irritation or minor injury.  It also protects against sunburn and relieves existing burns on the skin.  It enhances the natural tanning process, which further protects the skin from sun burns.

There are many other ingredients that are important to the skin's health.  I will write about these in another article. - Margaret Bell

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