3 Major Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Your Profit Making Website

by Nizzura - Date: 2008-09-19 - Word Count: 505 Share This!

Once you have a domain name in your hands and you have already signed-up for a web host, the next step is to design your website. of course, if you are assigning this step to a third party, you will have to wait for the design to be available before you can carry out the next step. However if you are doing this all by yourself, there are plenty of options and tools available to help you in designing your website.

The following are the major don'ts to do with your website design, if you have these in mind read on why you should not do so:

1) Image backgrounds- this is a sign that your website is still amateur and unprofessional. Back to the basic, simple background is sufficient. Image background does not only interrupt with the loading speed, but the visibility of the text. It will mask the text, links or other elements in a web page. A web page with extensive image background will load more than ten times slower than a web page with a simple background even if the primer has much lesser content than the primer. Imagine this as a tool to destroy your website.

2) Distractions- this include blinking text, auto-loading sound or animated images. It is very distracting to the readers when they are trying to read what is on your site when you have included animations that fly around a page. Even music and sounds can be annoying especially when the visitors do not share similar taste. You can still include music or videos, but turn off the auto-loading feature. Let the visitors choose to listen to the music or watch the videos. Blinking text is another form of animation and it is very frustrating for the readers. All these will not impress the visitors; instead it will leave a bad mark.

3) Pop-ups- no one likes pop-ups as it is really a major interruption. Imagine getting into a website which results in a number of pop-ups. This is very annoying as you are trying to search and browse around for information and pop-ups have delayed your intentions and wasted your time. In the end the visitors might only come for once and never return.

Website designing is not about sophisticated designs, rather to design website in such a way that it is easy in navigation and easy to read. The interest of the visitors it the priority, put yourself in their shoes to understand what they want and do not want. To optimize the number of traffic into your website and at least impress them, you should:

Minimize clicking
Website is readable and visitors are not experiencing any difficulty in reading the texts
Minimal page limit to prevent overstuffing of information
Organization of your website so that everything is organized and easy to locate
Include a menu and also a link to get back to the main page
Do not use frames
Avoid using features that will slow down your website such as flashy media or compressing image files

Good luck!

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