Wishing Happy Birthday on Social Networks

by Andy Smith - Date: 2008-07-09 - Word Count: 310 Share This!

Most of us are now days active on social networks. We are in contact with our friends more online than offline. It looks like that after some years people will stop using other communication than internet and social networks will become the central place of meeting.

It has been found that out of all the content used by users to comment each other, comments for birthday wishes top the list. We all feel good when we are wished on our birthday and we also feel good wishing our friends on their birthdays. Those family and friends who are forgotten throughout the year are remembered on their birthday. What kind of birthday comments should one use? During last few years no new content had appeared, but now video comments are being offered on the Internet.

Video Comments-

Video comments are made from live videos. The videos are converted to a flash file and text is added. In use these comments are same as other comments. Select the comment, get the code and paste it in the comment box of your friend. It is the design of the comment that differentiates them from other comments. One can select from a wide variety of comments that show animals, sunsets, birds, landscapes, seashore and everything else that is possible to be shot as video.

The file size of these comments is little more than JPG or GIF comments, but that is not a big problem in adding the comment. The comments do not add much weight to the profile of the recipient. Your friends and family must have got tired of getting similar types of comments every year. Make them feel good by sending carefully chose video comment and make their birthday a memorable experience. Search the Internet and find some good looking content. Spending a little time more will give great joy to your friends and family.

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