Troubleshooting Homelite Generators

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Portable generators could really give a peace of mind and gives you the capability to use your refrigerator and some other important appliances even the power is out. Because the generator is a significant piece of equipment, it's vital to maintain and care for it properly. It's also vital to know what steps on troubleshooting to take when your Homelite generator operates poorly or would not start.

Step #1

Try to turn on the power generator. If the generator would not start, one of the reasons is that the fuel is degraded. Generators are utilized occasionally; that means they're unused but filled with gas or fuel. That fuel would start to degrade over time. In due course, the fuel quality will become low quality that the unit would not start. For this instance, it's a great idea to get a fresh fuel when awful weather is expected. Besides giving an important back-up, this extra fuel could keep the generator operating longer.

Step #2

Empty the fuel tank and put the generator with new fuel. Try to power on the unit again. If the power generator still would not start, the problem can be a dirty or clogged air filter. Look at the owner's manual for the place of the filter on the generator model and detach the filter from its place. Usually, the filter housing is intended to snap open. In other old models, you might need a screwdriver to detach it. Check the filter for dirt, dust, and some debris that can be blocking the flow of air. If the filter is slightly worn, you might be able to wash and change it, but if it's completely blocked its ideal to change it. It's a good idea to buy a few extra filters so that own one on hand if the filter becomes damaged or dirty. Running the generator on dusty conditions could significantly reduce the filter life, so focus to when and how you utilize your Homelite generator.

Step 3

Look at the spark plug condition. A worn, dirty or fouled spark plug could reduce the operation of your generator. Other models of the Homelite generators were very prone to flooding. If your generator isn't properly starting, you might want to look at the spark plug for the unburned fuel presence. Carefully detach the cover of the spark plug and detach the spark plug. Look at it for signs of damage and wear, then clean and change the plug. If the spark plug is damaged or fouled, change it with a new one. Keep several extra spark plugs so that you'll always have one as a replacement.

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