Age of 3D animation

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The art of creating and moving images with the use of computer is generally termed as 3D Animation. The era of 3D animation can be dated back to the early nineties when the first 3D animation film "Toy Story" was created. With the passage of time there was tremendous transformation in 3D animation and many more movies were created. The power and effectiveness of 3D animation became apparent when "Jurassic Park" hit the cinema screen in 1993. It really was wonder created with the help of 3D Animation. The most powerful animal, "the dinosaur" was brought to life. The movie stands as testimony to the powers of 3D Animation.

The Age of 3D animation has certainly brought about a revolution. There is hardly any area where 3D Animation is not playing a pivotal role. The popularity of computer animation has skyrocketed in this age of 3D Animation. The superiority of 3D Animation has several reasons. A few important ones are spelled out in the para to a follow.

In the age of 3D Animation crystal clear images can be revealed in a very short period of time and the impact created is just unimaginable. It is true to say that concepts and ideas which are not easy to be expressed in words or even through illustrations can not only be created easily but also analyzed from different perspectives. The dimensional feature of 3D Animation is where its true power lies and its ability to portray movement is exceptional. A huge amount of scientific data of movements is combined and presented in a simplistic manner. An advantaged tagged to this attribute of 3D animation is that it creates a long lasting impact on the memory and the viewer tends to retain the image for a much longer time and that too with accuracy.

Age of 3D animation brings to light limitless possibilities. It is a fine communicating tool which offers more information at a faster rate, presents complex concepts in a simplified manner and also helps turn an idea or even a hint into reality. Recreation of any event, expensive or dangerous to reproduce, is possible in this age of 3D Animation. Fine examples of this would be an air crash, demolition of buildings and /or creation of colonies. In the age of 3D Animation photo-realistic effects are possible by using virtual light sources from different angles with a fine blend of reflection, transparency and shadowing. One big area where 3D Animation is brining about a huge and fast transformation is Architecture. The 3-dimensional models are more accurate and make it easier to see and study the possible relationship of the buildings with the environment.

In the age of 3D animation there is no limit in so far as the software packages are concerned. You can find several packages in the market but the main and only problem that there are far too many and there re endless companies who have created their own 3D animation packages on the pretext that the ones available don't suit their purpose. However, there are still a few standardized ones. The first and the most familiar one that comes to mind is ‘Alias Maya'. It is a software which allows you to create models, texture and animate, tight them and lots more. Another package which stands a rival to ‘Alias Maya' is ‘3DS max', it is a package with almost the same facilities that one would find in ‘Alias Maya' its advantage is that it allows you to from ‘Maya' to ‘3DS max' and vice-versa. A few other software packages are Cinema 4D, Bodyshop, Light ware 3D and many more.

The future of 3D Animation is far reaching there are going to be more and more, different areas where 3D Animation is going to bring about a radical change. However, one area of challenge for 3D Animation is a photorealistic animation of humans. As of now animal characters, fantasy characters, robots or cartoon like humans are shown but time is not far off when you will certainly see 3D Animation succeeded in this area.

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