Reaching Out to Your Clients With Color

by Kaye Z. Marks - Date: 2008-12-24 - Word Count: 489 Share This!

For you to be able to successfully reach out to as many target clients as possible, discrimination is out of the question. Especially when you are in the planning stage, your bookmark printing job for example, should not only be recognizable to those with 20-20 vision, but also to those who are visually challenged.

Let us face it. Perfect vision slowly deteriorates, as we grow older. Our 20-20 vision when we were in our 20s, 30s or even 40s would definitely get to reach 350 when we are in our 60s, 70s and 90s. Our senses do have a way of going out slowly but surely. That is why if you want to get the attention of your target clients, your custom bookmarks should have a stamp of quality when it comes to design and color.

Providers such as bookmark printing companies know that people in general are different from each other. Hence, color and design affect each person differently. One person's vision of red may not be the same as that of the other person. This is especially true for those who are color-blind. They see red as green. Hence, every printer should understand the three qualities of color in order to have quality end result for your custom bookmarks.

Hue, Lightness, Saturation

There are three qualities scientists use to understand the human psyche when it comes to our perception of color- hue, lightness, and saturation. When mixed right, these three qualities can help any bookmark printing service produce color choices that are effective to nearly every person, perfect vision or not.

Lightness can help you create the distinction from the foreground to the background colors. If you want to emphasize any one of these two, highlight the use of color that brings out more of the lightness. Black contrasts white. In addition, blue stands out on yellow background. However, never use colors that have the same lightness against each other. It is either you exaggerate light colors or heighten the dark hues.

Hues can be distinguished better when you use a color wheel. You can go dark found in the bottom half over a light hue in the upper half of the wheel. On the other hand, apply contrast with light hues from the bottom half against a backdrop of dark hues from the upper half.

Saturation works well if you avoid too much use of contrasting colors, especially those that are next to each other. Readers will have a hard time distinguishing your colors if they do not contrast sharply in lightness. On the other hand, too much contrasting colors can be difficult for those with partial eyesight and congenital defects.

Therefore, it is up to you and your bookmark printing provider to come up with quality custom bookmarks that can be appreciated by even those with partial eyesight. The right color combinations can go a long way in getting you the clients you need to stay in business for a very long time.

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