Cracking Presents for Green Fingers

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Although gardening is often considered to be the sort of hobby reserved for those in their autumn years, the rising cost of food, awareness of organic products and acknowledgement of just how much fun it can be, means that gardening, is well and truly 'back'.

If you happen to know someone who likes to spend time in their garden, maybe you live next door to your very own Tom and Barbara Good, or perhaps you simply want to share your own love of all things horticultural, and then why not celebrate those special occasions with some extraordinary green fingered presents?

The Feminine Touch
It might be traditional to buy your mother, wife or girlfriend a lovely bunch of flowers on her birthday, but why not plump for something different this year by letting her grow her own plants? There is some logic in what might sound like an easier option, especially if the recipient loves to spend time nurturing plant life. Give her a helping hand with the 'Pink Garden Kit'; these brilliant and brightly coloured presents come complete with all the essential potting tools. For something a little bit more designer, then you could splash out on a 'William Morris daisy Design Tool Set'. Not only will these presents have the neighbours peering over the fence, but they are also eye-catching enough to ensure that they'll never get lost amongst the plants when she nips back inside to answer the telephone (which always seems to happen when you're out in the garden).

Boys and Their Toys
Sometimes it can be hard to distract even the most mature of men away from his gadgets and gizmos, and this never seems more obvious then when he's in the garden. The mysteries that surround the contents of a man's garden shed are far too complex to discuss here, but if you know a gent who likes his power tools, insists on the loudest type of lawnmower and relishes the opportunity to set up a miniature military camp to protect the vegetable patch from those pesky birds, then there are a number of presents you could buy that are bound to put the smile on his face. The '50 Ways To Kill A Slug Book' might bring out the little boy in him, but at least with these presents you can be sure that the garden will be pest free. The 'Lawnmower Personalised Mug' not only celebrates his love of garden toys, but also reminds him just how special he really is - with his own name etched on these extraordinary presents, he's bound to spend less time hidden away in the shed, and more time showing it off to anyone willing to look.

A Real Garden Party
The British summer, when at its best, makes for the perfect opportunity to sit outside and perhaps entertain your family and friends with good old barbeque. Even the Queen is partial to the occasional garden party but it's unlikely that she could boast to having her own 'Luxury Personalised Gardeners Champagne' amongst the many presents she undoubtedly receives. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply making the most of the fine weather, there's nothing like a nice glass of bubbly, and perhaps a strawberry or two from your own garden, to make those garden parties sparkle.

Green Fingers, Dirty Knees
Though it may have a relaxing charm, any green fingered follower will tell you that success doesn't come without the hard work. Dirty fingernails, creepy crawlies, back ache, not to mention the fact that your clothes are vulnerable to the occasional grass stain and smudges of dirt. For a fun twist on what are essentially practical presents, treat someone to a themed kneepad that can at least help to diminish any discomfort as they weed away. The 'Dad the Weed Slayer' kneepad says it all, as does the 'Cuppa Please!' kneepad which can double up as an SOS sign.

Small Gardens, Great Fun
For those with the disadvantage of not having a garden, and even for those who have yet to discover the joys of the pot-plant past-time, then a 'Pocket Garden' could make the perfect presents to get them going or should that be, 'growing'?. With the soil and seeds included, all they need to do is add water to these precious little foil-pockets and wait for the fun to begin. From Snap dragons to Forget Me Nots, Gerberas to Marigolds, even the unique and inspired 'Lucky Clover' pockets can be grown on a windowsill or even an office desk. With these charming pocket presents, your loved ones will green fingered before you know it, and their friends will be green with envy!

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