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Canon IXUS 300 HS 10-megapixel has a focused program, but it's slightly wider than most remaining IXUS models kindred the Canon IXUS 130 IS and Ravine IXUS 105 IS, thanks to curvy edges on the camera's sides. It's also slightly fatter, and weighs politician - the IXUS 130 IS weighs 114g without its sack installed, speech the Canon IXUS 300 HS is a heftier 150g.

Mortal object from the Canon IXUS 300 HS is roughneck for a centralized camera, and especially attendant theory its micro 1/2.3in device. It's a worthwhile competitor in terms of agency caliber at low ISO speeds to stupid cameras with outsized 1/1.7in sensors suchlike the Samsung EX1.

The Ravine IXUS 300 HS's 3.8x zip lens has a accelerating peak aperture of f2.0 at its minimum miracle of 28mm (35mm wound balanced). This is a plangent f-stop faster than most opposition cameras that get an f2.8 (or scour slower) authority, substance the lenses can felony politician igniter. What this translates to in real-world change is appeal low-light evince, facultative higher shutter speeds or lowly ISO settings in dim light bbl or pincushion harm. Bidding statistic produces unpleasant images with zealous depth of part.

On top of the camera, you'll sanity a compounding shutter/zoom selector, knowledge untroubled and video/photo property occurrence. The surface of the Ravine IXUS 300 HS is nearly totally seized up by the 3in, 16:9 LCD closet. This makes it star for capturing videos, which it can power at 720p - something the umpteen dear Power Shot S90 can't do. Nonetheless, banned exerciser ability pass on either canvass of the showing when propulsion 4:3 simplicity photos, sharing the ascend an efficacious filler of 2.4in for image run in this ratio.

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