Safety First For Fido On The Road

by Veronica Eng - Date: 2007-06-05 - Word Count: 598 Share This!

Car ride safety precaution is very important when bringing Fido out for a spin. We can never take for granted the safety of anyone, including our furry pals when driving them around. Accidents happen unexpectedly at most times and we do not want to be caught off guard and jeopardize the safety of everyone in the car!

Most dogs are ecstatic when going for car rides and tend to move around the back and front as they cannot contain their excitement! I am sure most of you will agree with me on this one. Also, we may be tempted to turn around to yell at them to sit still or even put them back where they belong while driving thus endangering our own lives too when we are not focused on the road. Unless we train Fido to sit still in the car, they are bound to be moving about. Even if you have someone to hold on to Fido when you are driving, it is still safer to buckle her up to ensure a safer ride.

Here is why: The weight of a human or pet during a collision impact can multiply up to 45 times at just 50km/hr (31miles/hr)! Imagine the impact on Fido. A 10KG (22LB) dog can cause the impact on him to be a whopping 450KG (992LB) during a collision at just 50km/hr (31miles/hr). So, never take safety in the car for granted. Buckle Fido up for a safe ride. Start training him to get used to being buckled up from today.

Therefore, it is a necessity not a choice, to secure your pet to a seat belt to prevent Fido from flying through the air and potentially hitting the head. Fido is certainly safer with the seat belt secured than not restrained at all.

Other safety precautions to note for Fido when bringing out on a car ride:

Do not allow Fido to stick out its head out of the windows during a car ride. I see this so many times and hate to think of the dangers that lurk behind. We can be a very safe driver and keep a good distance from other vehicles. However, we cannot prevent other road users from being reckless. Also, bikers like to swoosh around in between cars, so watch out for them as well. Keep its head in the car and wind up the windows. Child lock your car and windows too as their active paws may accidentally open the windows if you have an automatic car window button that she can reach.

Lastly and most importantly, never leave Fido in the car alone while you go pick up something or shop for something, even for a short while. The heat in a car build up very quickly especially in the afternoon. A hot car is like an oven, with temperatures that can rise an astounding 34 degrees farenhite per minute! Well, you may say it will just take you 5 minutes or that it is a nice cool day, so you are tempted to leave Fido in the car while you go get something quick. Please do not do this. Oftentimes, we can be forgetful and lured to do other things which will unconsciously take up more time while Fido is out in the hot sun which can cause him heat stroke which can be deadly. Just remember not to leave Fido alone in the car, if you must, ensure someone is in the car with Fido so he can take her out of the car when the car gets too hot in the vehicle.

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