The Lair (Poems 3, 4 & 5): Song of the Beast, Lies and Love & Bereaved

by Dennis Siluk - Date: 2007-01-19 - Word Count: 286 Share This!

Here are Mr. Siluk's new, and most vivid if into disturbing poems in a longtime; readers of "The Lair," will see the unique and simple, if not genuine representation of life, and emotional tone in life, bittersweet, seep out: in it's harsh but brilliance in these new poems. "Poetry," as Dennis has said in the past (or one element of it) "…must hold no pretense within it, raw or not." In a way, these poems read as if, he was a ghost.

Rosa Penaloza de Siluk

3) Lies and Love

Life and good life and then
From the first element, to the end
I few like a Vampires heated blood
And fire reeked from my eyes
And all my deeds and words,
Died as I was judged-
On Lies and love…!

#1512 (1/16/2007)

4) Bereaved

We take death reduce it in size
Call it a penniless spinster
(then look for the prize):
No, that's only somewhat it,
It is more like Fried Chicken,
Tightly kept in a shoe box,
Checking out, or trying to-
Where the devilled eggs were left.
Oh yes, the black Veil is lifted,
Thrown into a fire of resistance:
Then we eat a piece of chocolate,
And go to bed, senseless.

#1613 (1/15-16/2007)

5) Youthful Ignorance

The only crime for a boy at ten (claiming innocence) is he acquired the appetite, but not the means to devour it. Some call it ignorance; I call it the lack of desire for the fruits he will pluck later.

#1612 (1/15/2007)

6) Song of the Beast

"Satan! Satan is forth! Hark to his rippling-voice!
The blood that drips to Hell makes crimson his hands.
Satan is forth upon the light! Brother, think twice!
A demon has loosed the beast whose sword is sharp on the

#1624 1/19/2007

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