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by Ralph Nunes - Date: 2006-12-15 - Word Count: 602 Share This!

A joint venture is defined as 'A partnership or conglomerate, formed often to share risk or expertise'. In more practical terms, a joint venture (or JV for short) pertains to two or more parties joining together to assist one or both in promoting and selling their products.

In the world of internet marketing, joint ventures are what separate the big boys from the newcomers. You will very rarely come across a big earning internet marketer who has not, at some point, joined forces with a friend or acquaintance with the objective of selling more of their product or service. Sure, you can get rich while never partaking in a joint venture. However the road to riches can be cut that much shorter with a little help from your friends.

A joint venture works best when you team up with someone who is well known and respected in their field. Yes, getting on side with the big guns can be akin to trying to get a date with your favorite movie star - it's not impossible, but you have to make yourself noticed to get there! The best way to go about requesting a joint venture with someone is to spell out the benefits for THEM. What will they get out of it? Perhaps you have a list of subscribers that your JV partner can promote themself to in return for promoting your product to their list.

If you are new and have only a small list of email subscribers, consider offering your potential joint venture partner a free product, such as an ebook, which he can give away to his subscribers. This has the dual benefit of allowing him to engage his subscribers with a freebie, whilst allowing you to expose yourself to his mega-list of members. You did of course insert your own promotional text in the free ebook didn't you?

The benefits of a joint venture are obvious. You can simply double or triple your exposure to a group of potential customers in an instant. Even more so, if just a small percentage of your new audience subscribes to your email list as a result of your joint venture, you've just increased the size of your own email list and cut into the market of your partner (who is often also a competitor) as well!

JV partners can be found absolutely anywhere. You can traverse related forums in your niche to track down people who you know are actively promoting products that you'd like to associate yourself with. Another great way to find a JV partner is to join some lists in your niche (you should have already done this!). After some time you will get a general idea of who is actively promoting to their list on a regular basis. It is these enthusiastic list owners who will be most keen to joint venture with you.

There is no need to write an essay when you are requesting a joint venture with someone. A few simple sentences with your idea, the benefits for THEM and what you can offer in the JV, is more than sufficient.If they are interested, they will ask you for further information. Don't be dismayed if you don't receive a 'yes' to every single JV request you submit - just move on to the next person. You can always go back to your most preferred partners later on, perhaps once you have developed more of a presence in your niche.

Joint ventures are the ultimate way to take your income to new levels. Ideally, you should be endeavouring to contact at least five people every month to joint venture with - the more the better!

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