Antique Coffers

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Exquisitely chiseled Antique Coffers represent the most solid array of aristocratic furniture chests that were authorized for construction by the lords and ladies of society that span the eras from medieval times to the 18th century. These solid pieces were stately reminders of the landowners success because they splendidly displayed in large quantities throughout the home.

Crafted to these noble peoples gracious exacting standards, many of these antique coffers blended fine hard wood grains of mahogany, oak and walnut, with ornate carvings along the side panels and an overlay of ornately stamped metals across the front, to create exquisite fine furniture pieces fit for a King.

In medieval times, these antique coffers were used to store the gold pieces of the tax collectors and wealthy landowners. A sturdy metal plate with a lock and key system were used to secure their vast monetary holdings. On the side of these exquisite antique coffers, elaborate handles were constructed to handle the weight of these money keepers. These antique coffers were exquisitely detailed inside to provide storage compartments that allowed convenient access to often used items in the home such as candles and wicking and coins.

Many of the exquisite antique coffers were constructed with a top that fully tilted backward or with a half-lid that were presented in many contrasting styles. These detailed designed antique coffers also featured removable drawers along the front on one side of the chest that were recessed and multi-layered and often hidden behind a door panel. These access points were etched with family crests, ornate floral designs or original artist renditions of the rural surroundings and motifs of the time period.

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