The Men and Women of Lost

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Maybe you've never seen the excellent television series Lost, or maybe you've only recently become hooked. Either way, this article was written with the intention of giving you a brief rundown of all the pivotal characters. Unless otherwise mentioned, each character was a survivor of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815.

Jack - A doctor, Jack had traveled to Australia to pick up the body of his father to take him back to America for burial. Since he's the doctor among the survivors, Jack has become the de facto leader of the group. Hardheaded, but always tries to do what he thinks is right. Has an attraction to Kate.

John Locke - Traveled to Australia to go on a walking tour of the Outback. He was turned away because he was in a wheelchair. It is still unknown how he came to be in the wheelchair, as flashbacks show him to be walking without trouble. After crashing on the island, Locke found that he could once again walk. Skilled at hunting and tracking, Locke has natural leadership talents. This has caused he and Jack to clash on several occasions.

Sawyer - A con man, Sawyer was in Australia to kill the man responsible for the death of his parents. Hates himself and wants everyone else to hate him. Very charismatic. Is constantly getting shot, tortured, or knocked over the head. Has an attraction to Kate.

Kate - Was being brought back to the United States by a federal marshal when the plane crashed. She was wanted for the murder of her father, an abusive drunk who beat her mother. Has had other run-ins with the law, but much of this is still unexplained. Is torn between her feelings for both Jack and Sawyer. Strong survival instincts.

Hugo Hurley - Likeable overweight fellow who won the lottery and is worth millions of dollars. Laid back attitude and often serves as the comic relief. Spent time in a mental institution. Has an imaginary friend named Dave. Was working on a relationship with Libby before her death.

Charlie - The creative force behind the once-famous band known as DriveShaft. Heroin addict. Traveled to Australia to see his brother, the former lead singer of the band. Attracted to Claire. Hates Locke and would like nothing more than to see him look like a fool. Has demonstrated that he is more than capable of violence.

Claire - Was pregnant when the plane crashed. Has since given birth to a baby boy named Aaron. Native of Australia. She was flying to America to put her baby up for adoption. She and her baby were captured by the Others, but she was able to escape.

Sayid - Former member of the Iraqi Republican Guard. Skilled torturer and interrogator. Was involved with Shannon before her death.

Sun - Wife of Jin. Korean. Was planning on leaving her husband before the plane crash. Was recently revealed to be pregnant, even though her husband was supposed to be sterile. Often tends to her garden and seems very gentle, but recently shot and killed one of the Others. Father was a crime boss.

Jin - Husband of Sun. Korean from a very poor fisherman's family. Fell in love with Sun and became an enforcer for her father. This job made him very cold and distant. On the island, he puts his skills as a fisherman to good use. Has reconciled with his wife.

Michael - Had traveled to Australia to take his son, Walt, back home after the death of Walt's mother. An artist who was also involved in construction. Built a boat to try and escape the island, but it was destroyed by the Others. After his son was abducted, Michael seemed to go a little crazy. He eventually killed Ana Lucia and Libby in a desperate bid to get his son back. Walt was returned and the two were given a boat and directions to the nearest continent. They have not been seen since.

Walt - Young kid. The son of Michael. Was going to live with Michael after the death of his mother. Possesses strange powers to manipulate reality. Captured by the Others. At the end of season two, he is returned to his father and the pair is allowed to leave the island.

Shannon - Spoiled brat from a rich family. When her father died, she was forced to fend for herself. Was in love with her step-brother, Boone. Was involved with Sayid shortly before her death. Fatally shot by Ana Lucia.

Rose - Wife of Bernard. Dying of cancer, but the cancer went into remission on the island. Very straightforward.

Bernard - Husband of Rose. Had taken her to Australia to a faith healer. Does not want to leave the island, for fear that his wife's cancer will return.

Henry Gale - Seems to be the leader of the Others, although he claims he answers to someone else. Highly intelligent and well-read. Played Jack and Locke against one another. Has a tumor on his spine and has had Jack captured so that he can remove it. Claims to be one of "the good guys."

Ana Lucia - Former L.A. cop. She quit the force after killing a man who had shot her (she was pregnant at the time and lost the baby). Tough and no nonsense. Attracted to Jack and slept with Sawyer. Accidentally killed Shannon after mistaking her for one of the Others. Shot and killed by Michael while she was guarding Henry Gale.

Libby - Claimed to be a psychiatrist, but spent time in the same institution as Hurley. A widower, she gave her husband's yacht to Desmond during a chance encounter. Was developing a romance with Hurley. Accidentally shot and killed by Michael when he assisted Henry Gale in escaping.

Mr. Eko - A Nigerian warlord turned holy man. Eko clashed with Locke on several occasions. Physically, the most imposing of the survivors. Stood up to a strange black smoke which has appeared a few times. When the smoke took the form of his dead brother and demanded that Eko repent for his sins, Eko refused. The smoke then lifted him up and killed him.

Boone - Step-brother of Shannon. Had traveled to Australia to bring her back home. Boone died in season one from injuries sustained when he fell off the side of a cliff. Was in love with Shannon.

Juliette - A member of the Others, Juliette has been assigned to gather information from Jack. Claims to have once been a fertility doctor. Wants Henry Gale dead.

Desmond - A former military man and convict, Desmond found the island while on a boat race around the world. He became involved with the Dharma Initiative and was living underground until discovered by the crash survivors. He has since joined up with their group. Unbeknownst to him, his former fiancee is still combing the world in an effort to find him.

Danielle - A French scientist who has been stranded on the island for decades. Her young daughter was captured and raised by the Others. Has went a bit mad living alone for so many years. Master of tracking, hunting, and survival. Still wants to rescue her daughter.

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