How To Choose Quality Promotional Umbrellas

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There are a good many factors to consider when you decide to use promotional umbrellas to market your company's good name. You'll want to consider color, design, style, budget and quality to be sure that you're getting a quality promotional item that will deliver your message loud and clear. Here are some of the things the companyl need to know in order to help you choose the best promotional umbrella for your needs.

With promotional umbrellas available in such a wide range of prices, your budget can be a primary consideration. If you let us know how much you intend to spend and how many umbrellas you'll need, the company can present a range of options within your price constraints.

Who would have thought that such a simple item offers so many choices? There are many different styles of umbrellas on the market. Here are some of the style options among which you can choose.

Golf promotional umbrellas
Golf umbrellas are traditionally wider and larger than standard umbrellas for better coverage. Typically they have a rib length of 30 inches to offer 60 full inches diameter for rain protection.

Woodstick Promotional Umbrellas
Traditional, classic styling with a crooked wooden handle, these umbrellas usually offer less area than golf umbrellas. They present a very traditional, staid image.

Vented Promotional Umbrellas
Vented canopies help prevent umbrella blowout by allowing the wind to pass through the canopy. Vents will add to the cost of your umbrella, but the added quality is more than worth it.

Miniature Promotional Umbrellas
Mini umbrellas and stadium umbrellas are yet another choice for promotional umbrellas. Some telescopically fold for easy storage, and some come with their own storage packet.

Print Area
Different styles of umbrellas offer differing sizes of print areas. The most commonly ordered promotional umbrellas are printed on one panel with your logo or company name, but there are options for printing on more than one panel, or even over the entire width of the canopy. If you want printing on more than one panel, your choices will be more limited.

Most umbrellas come in a range of standard colors and can be printed in any of the standard print colors. Some umbrellas can be printed using a special process that allows for exact color matching. If exact color matching is important to you, you'll need to order umbrellas with a special dye and printing process.

Many suppliers of promotional umbrellas let you mix and match handle styles and shaft styles. In some cases, it may be possible to design a custom handle, or to imprint your company logo on the handle as well as on the canopy. Some offer custom shaft colors to match or contrast with the handle and canopy.

Other factors to consider when ordering promotional umbrellas are the materials used for the canopy, ribs, handle and shaft. All of these will affect the price that you pay for your promotional umbrellas. The internet is a great place to locate promotional gift suppliers which offer a wide range of promotional umbrellas in many styles and price ranges. Speak with one of their account managers to find out how your ideas translate into reality.

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