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It can be very frustrating when you come home and find that you have been burgled. Even if nothing has been taken it is still frustrating, especially when windows have been broken or doors have been smashed in. Repairing a broken window or a door costs money and can become very inconvenient .Criminal activity is becoming more and more popular in the suburban area's. The number of break-ins is on the up rise and nowhere is safe nowadays. This article will look at a few security options that you could take to help reduce the risk or your home being broken into.

Firstly you want to control the obvious. It is very important that entry point into your home are secure. Doors, windows and other entry points, which are insecure such as cat flaps, makes it easy for criminals. Entry points which are not secure makes your home a very easy target. You also want to consider where you store your valuables, as you do not want these left on display. You should never leave large amounts of cash in your home, as this will not be insured and you could potentially loose it for good. The harder life is for criminals, the less likely they are to take the opportunity.

Many people often consider CCTV as an option for a little home security. However home surveillance cameras are not cheap. The high cost involved with this option, may never be n option for some people. There are cheap security cameras, but quite often these are never up to standard and can be very problematic. There are alternatives for those who just simply can't afford the home surveillance camera. A Fake security camera may be what you are looking for, as they are cheap and help to make your home less of a risk. Quite often you cannot tell the difference between fake and real CCTV cameras. Home surveillance cameras are a massive of put for criminals, therefore if your dummy CCTV camera is in view, then more often than not, criminals will avoid these homes.

If you were to consider buying a fake security camera you need to take into account a few factors, which could make a big difference. Firstly when purchasing your fake CCTV camera you should ensure it looks as realistic as possible. If a camera can easily be identified as being fake, it's use is no good. Secondly you need to think like a criminal. If a criminal was looking to identify if a camera was real, what would they be looking for? Wiring is very important as a fake camera usually only supplies one wire. However a real CCTV cameras would need at least two wires to function. This is easy for a criminal to spot. Fake cameras which move, to indicate motion sensor, are very unrealistic to the trained eye, as they do not stop if motion is detected , where as real motion censored cameras do.

Always consider the options you have and how much you can afford before opting into buying security features. Remember when purchasing a fake camera ensure it looks realistic and you have thought about other areas which may make the camera look fake. Remember the easy and simple day to day steps you need to take to reduce the potential risk of burglary.

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