What Specific Goalkeeper Training Do You Actually Do?

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A Goalkeeper can be a spectator for most of a match and yet when called into action must be ready and focused to stop the opposing teams attack in the blink of an eye. However, during training the Goalkeeper is often over looked, is this the case in your team?

I was very fortunate when I played as a youngster in that I had a coach who understood the importance of specific training for the goalkeeper.

However, It's quite easy to get carried away with the outfield players and forget about the goalie, and no... a simple shooting session or some penalties at the end of training is not enough!

What we should all do is!always give enough time to help you goalkeeper develop their skills and performance.

Giving your goalkeeper an individual training process that helps them develop their understanding of the game, technical ability, improve on their weaker areas and play to their strengths will increase their overall technique on the pitch.

The conditioning of your goalkeeper should focus on all of these aspects both on their own and in team environment to enable them to develop to their full potential.

This means that sessions should contain work on the basics like head, hands and feet so that good starting positions and body alignment are well established.

Using your notes and ideas from the games you play each week, work into your training sessions game like situations where your Goalkeeper and defenders can learn to work as a unit against an attacking team.

It's important to work on technique with your goalkeeper before they enter a full blown game.

We have compiled checklist for you of the key things that we try to coach our keepers on in all training sessions...

#1 Always work on handling and footwork skills

#2 Develop good footwork through controlled foot movements

#3 Make quick and positive decisions when dealing with a shot

#4 Respect every shot that is attempted

#5 Concentrate throughout the session or game

#6 Build self image, confidence and communication skills

#7 Develop a variety of distribution skills

#8 Read the game, keep watch on everything happening in front, to the sides and behind them

#9 Give plenty of technical practice saving

#10 Build a positive attitude and faith in their goal keeping ability

So, there are 10 top tips that we try to build into our training sessions to ensure that we have an excellent keeper as well as outfield players.

In your next training session I recommend you print off this article and take it to the session with you and see which points you are covering now with your keeper and which ones you need to work on.

You may be surprised.


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