Love? Sex? Oh! That is Just 5% of What Love Might Represent! What About the Other 95%? [part 3 of 3]

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[6] Colleagues/business partners' love

The secret as to keep a good relationship between working partners or business partners is to apply the right concept of thoughts, speech and deeds. One should stay not to cross the border of partnership into becoming too familiar or too personal. Due respect will be a both win/win situation. A strong partnership will be destroyed especially when it comes to uncontrolled physical attraction that leads to forbidden sex between married spouses. Thus, it is of great importance that business partners earn each other's respect through remaining and maintaining at the level of 'partner-friendship' in business only.

[7] Love for Mother Nature

MOTHER NATURE is most productive when in blossom. Mother Nature is at its best when there is balance of yin and yang. Mother Nature is best tapped when there is clear, clean, fresh air, water and unpolluted environment. Mother Nature should be kept as natural as possible. We will only benefit from a perfect balance of fauna and flora. The sun will shine at day, the moon at night. We work in the day and rest at night. We will only benefit from its rich natural resources without destroying Mother Nature. We will pay a heavy price for neglecting her too. Love for Mother Nature will keep our earth a better place to live in.

[8] Love for animals

Many people keep pets as companions especially for those who stay or work alone. Some pets are kept by the old and aged as close companions too. The love for animals cannot be compared to that of human beings. Some animals are sacrificed for the sake of industrial profiteering purposes. Animal industries and farms rear and slaughter many animals for the sake of food too. Perhaps it should be the last resort to go into meat eating when we talk on achieving health. Vegetarians can survive well without eating meat! By all means, less slaughtering is preferred and encouraged

Moreover, your choice of pets are to be loved and taken care of when you want them at the first place. Don't join the crowd in slaughtering or mutilating animals. They are cute and fun-loving actually.

[9] Love for country

Patriotic love for a country is a valuable pride. The strength of the country depends very much on the height of patriotic love among its citizens. With such loyalty towards his or her own country is found, patriotic love will stand towards solving civil wars and unnecessary fights.

[10] Love for oneself

Love for oneself is not meant to just pamper oneself by feeding our body and mind or getting oneself nicely dressed up. Love for oneself is not to be self-centered. . One should focus on the awakening of the true self which is not selfish and acknowledging the feelings of 'I' and 'Mine' into 'God' and 'God's'. When one's attention is directed to the inner-self where the indwelling God dwells, one will perceive that we are all brothers and sisters in our human forms. The presence of God in all will thus make one be filled with reverence and thus sanctifies every act of us. That is the true love for oneself.

Upon understanding our true selves, all of us will be geared towards achieving true happiness and gain peace of mind and peace at heart. Becoming selfless, achieving inner wisdom of true self will enormously improve our human race. We will be fine and whole again. When one feels reverence and respect all human beings, the world will be so much put right. Our upside down earth can be juggled to be put in place. Yes, put right when all of us understand the meaning of 'I', a name we all call ourself. The 'I' is that spark of Divinity. The collectively 'I' refers to the same body, the same mind and the same spirit.

To sum up I have collectively written 10 categories of love. True love is contained in all. True love stretches from the beginning to infinity, true love creates, true love answers all questions, true love touches all human beings. There are times that people become naughty and sinned. But true love is long-suffering and patient in the awakening of the other's love. We need not search further, love is everywhere. True love is loving and forgiving. But one must be true to oneself first.

Be comforted that we are still be able to love and to be loved. Be happy that we can still respect oneself and many others. But be reminded that one should emphasize on the 95% love instead of sex! Get the real picture of true love, not sex. Too many of us are not ready for sex yet! They are our children! They are our little brothers and sisters! But are they safe from bad influence? Are they protected? Don't you love them anymore?

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