Some History Of Tennis

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Tennis has its roots in the ancient play of the handball, played in Greece a long time before the Christian era. During the average ages it developed concerned to handle the beater rather the ball between two adversaries than against a wall. The name comes from, French of tenez take or. ready Initially it had no line of border there, but gradually a court was slightly developed the shape of a sand glass, with a line traced through the narrow central portion.

The balls early were made of leather and faggots of the hair.

The racquet developed in the following way: for protection by striking the ball, a glove was worn. Then, for a greater protection, cords were rolled up around the glove. Later, an oval glove, or pallets it was used. With the need for longer extension, the idea of a racquet evolved/moved of the combination of the pallet and the cords.

In the ages of medium the play was carried to England where it was played by the nobility. The system of notation was so complex that the common people could not understand it, and courses so expensive that only the rich person had access to them. Not until 1874 took place the marking of simplified and the rules of play made adaptable for a simple court external of grass.

The use of fifteen, , thirty etc by marking various points can be explained as follows: Huntings, or of the separated plays, were marked 1, 2, 3, etc... Fifteen chases had right the player to a point, and the play was composed of four or five points. This explanation one several is suggested by historians of tennis and seems to be plausible.

The points of no of love significance of limit came from the love of for of expression, of the piles without of significance or the for nothing, which was employed since 1678 in connection with the play of the competitive games for the pleasure of the play. Then the love became the term used in the whist, football, tennis, etc, meaning. points of no It was said that the side which had not marked any point is of love

After marking and the rules were simplified, tennis became a more universal play in England and France, drawing aside quickly with the colonies of these countries. Tennis was brought to the United States in 1875 by Mary Outerbridge after a visit towards Bermuda, where the play was very popular. It brought the racquets, the net, and the balls, and presented the play at her friends on the island of Staten where the smooth lawns with excellent grass provided an ideal medium for success. The play drew aside as wild fire everywhere is with clubs of cricket including/understanding tennis as well as the other English play for their members.

In 1881 the association of tennis of lawn of the United States was formed in New York and Boston. By this organization the popularity of tennis drew aside very quickly. Comparatively few the tournaments in the United States are exploited the official grass, but all tournaments, if on clay, cement, or of the asphalt courses, are financed by the United States L T. With. There is city, state, of sectionnel, and the national tournaments exploited various surfaces of court for the men, women, girls, boys, juniors. There are public tournaments of park, inter-university tournaments, etc...

The international competition includes/understands the tournament of cup of Davis, who came from 1900. The cup of Davis was around the world several times, being held by Australia, France, England, and the United States with various intervals. This competition is for the men only.

The matches of cup of Wightman are composed of competition for women between England and the United States. This cup travelled through the Atlantic Ocean much of times, supported by the victorious team, at rest in their native soil until gained behind by the other team.

The majority of national tournaments are in several countries open players of other grounds, so that sometimes one intends to speak about English, French, or the American hold the first role gaining several national titles without counting that that of his own country.

Often one allows the best players of sixty-furnace who make entries for the state, sectionnels, or of the national tournaments to play. The qualification of a player is composed of his disc of tournament during the front year or years with this tournament.

It is a short history of the marvellous play of tennis. Now you can have pleasure to play it still more!

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Information on the rules of tennis can be found at the Tennis Rules website.

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