New Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

by Simon Chan - Date: 2006-12-04 - Word Count: 553 Share This!

Since the advent of Viagra, the entire market transaction for oral ED medicines have been soaring and have touched a towering $6 billion mark in the current year. And the market is still expanding in size!

The reason is obvious; about 15% of total US male population is experiencing erectile dysfunction and the average age of sexually active men have also increased. While in the USA alone there may be 31 million men who are currently suffering from ED, you can find some 300 million people in the whole world affected with ED.

This explains the multitude of researches that are going on around the world to reach beyond Viagra and PDE5 inhibitors to add a new dimension to the treatments of ED.

Here are a few new age treatment options for erectile dysfunction:

Alprostadil: The Development of the New Millennium
The biggest news in the arena of erectile dysfunction researches is the introduction of the concept of an alprostadil cream. This medicine has been released around the world under different trade names such as Befar in the Far East and Alprox and Topiglan in the other countries. This is the first topical cream to be applied over penis to achieve erection. This topical ointment will take 10-15 minutes time to promote erection and the effect is claimed to last for 4-hours. As opposed to the injected drugs or drugs taken through suppositories, the ointment permeates in the penile tissues more rapidly and activate the penis faster. this product has no significant side effects except one and that relates to its temperature sensitivity. For that, this cream is recommended to be kept inside the refrigerator.

Apomorphine: Discovery of a New Medical Role
It has been quite some time that the Apomorphine has been in use to treat Parkinson's disease. It has been observed that most of the patients are responding with penile erection after the application of this drug. This brought the attention of the medical researchers to the additional power of Apomorphine with regard to the treatment of ED. Currently this drug is not commercially available in all the countries of the world. The few countries where you can get apomorphine are Australia, France, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

However it is quite misleading to find the word 'morphine' in the name of this drug. In fact, it has nothing to do with the sedative nature of morphine. On the contrary this is in the nature of a stimulant.

Development of Uprima: The Latest Approach
It is an Apomorphine based drug that acts on the basis of a different method than Viagra or Befar. This drug does not directly target the penis; it works through the stimulation of the brain. Without entering into the medical intricacies, it can be said that this drug works for increasing the brain signals to influence the process of erection. It acts quite fast—- within 15-25 minutes.

This leap from the Viagra to the drugs based on brain stimulation definitely opens up the new chapter in the researches of ED treatments. These new developments in the field of ED are opening up the doors to many unsolved mysteries relating to the patho-physiologic conditions associated with erectile dysfunction. The world is definitely going to change for the millions ED affected people in the near future with the findings of these new age researches.

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