Acomplia - the Miracle Pill

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Have you ever heard of a miracle drug which can be used both as weight loss diet pills as well as a medicine for smoking cessation?

Yes, there is a miracle drug which can be used for both the purposes. The name of the medicine is Acompila and whose generic name is rimonabant.

Acomplia diet pills are anorectic anti obesity drug which should be used for an obese person with body mass index of 30 or more.

In acute cases when a person is suffering from Type 2 diabetes or any other body problems, this oral medicine may be recommended for obese person with Body Mass Index of 27 or more.

Sanofi the manufacturer of Acomplia Diet Pills has published some Acomplia Information which we are discussing below.

Medical name of Acompila is Rimonabant which is a CB 1 cannabinoid receptor antagonist.

The drug is available in Acomplia Pharmacy UK where the medicine was first introduced after receiving approval from the European Union.

Later the drug was introduced in Denmark and later spread gradually in other European countries.

However, the medicine is yet to receive approval from the Food and Drug Administration in the USA for which the medicine is not yet available in the US.

It is heard that if the medicine is introduced in the US market after receiving approval from the FDA, the trade name of the medicine will be Zimulti.

European Union has given approval to the medicine to be introduced in the market on the recommendation that the medicine should be used along with diet and exercise for reduction of body weight. Acomplia Diet Pills are prescription drug and before use a doctor must be consulted.

Another miraculous effect of Acomplia diet pills is smoking cessation. It is found that use of Acomplia diet pills reduces the interest in smoking. This results to the patients in quitting smoking.

The Acomplia diet pills are manufactured by Sanofi, which should be purchased only through Prescription from an experienced doctor.

The medicine has been found to be effective for weight loss as well as effective against certain metabolic disorders and associated cardiovascular risk factors. But if you want to use the medicine for cosmetic body weight reduction, the medicine may not be much effective. Rather it will create other problems related to its side effects.

Also European Union has sanctioned its approval only for body weight reduction purpose.

As I told earlier that the medicine is effective for smoking cessation. But the approval for this has yet been obtained neither from EU nor from FDA.

However, off the label of the medicine can be used for this purpose. A doctor should be consulted before use for other purpose also.

So why do you hesitate? Consult your doctor if your body mass index is 30 or more and / or you are suffering from weight related diseases. Go to buy Acomplia if your doctor recommends and start your weight loss program with diet and exercise and with this miracle medicine. Reduction of craving to smoking will be a bonus for you.

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