How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back! Secret Tips.

by Vin Jones - Date: 2010-09-06 - Word Count: 650 Share This!

Not even 3 months ago, my girlfriend decided to call it quits and even gave me the "let's just go back to being friends." You can imagine how much that stung to hear those words after all the hard work it took me to get her in the first place. To further the blow, deep down I truly loved her and wanted her back. I remember the panic and the desperation I felt. It felt like my whole world had just caved in and the only thing on my mind was how can I get my ex girlfriend back?

Finally, after doing all the wrong things, I finally did one right thing. Want to know what that was?

I got help.

That's right - I got help from people who had been through what I was going through and knew exactly what to do. What I learned from them was confusing and astounding at the same time. So here we go. Are you ready?

Secret tip #1 To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back - ACCEPT THE BREAK UP

Let me tell you, the minute I finally accepted the break up things started to change. The worst you can do if a woman breaks up with you is to fight with her about. She had made up her mind long before she even confronted you about breaking up. Please believe. Breaking up with someone is not an easy thing to do. She thought about it a lot before she made up her mind, and you trying to change her mind is just going to make her even more upset.

Seems counter-intuitive doesn't it? You bet it is. You see if there is one thing that women are - it's vain! Ever go to club and see a group of female friends dancing without a single guy in the group even though there are plenty of guys around? Why do you think that is? Women love attention...period, and they are competitive at getting attention. They love it when guys chase them only to shoot them down time after time. As I said before...women are vain creatures. Your ex girlfriend is expecting you to chase her and grovel and beg and plead. Let me repeat that - SHE IS EXPECTING THIS! When you play into what she wants, you will lose the game. However, if you calmly accept the break up, she will be completely confused and baffled. Did I mention that women are also very insecure creatures. Oh yes, if don't grovel or plead, she will question why you didn't or what's wrong with her. She is used to men trying to change her mind after a break up, but you didn't. You are immediately put into a different category in her mind.

Secret tip #2 To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back - REFUSE TO BE HER FRIEND

If you got this line like I did, immediately refute it. Don't accept it. Why? The only good thing that comes out of remaining friends is that this allows her to comfortably ween herself from you. Agreeing to this compromise is no compromise at all. Please believe. She will know that you are still there for her in her life, and you will only be a matter of convenience while she runs around with other guys and you're stuck there getting hurt every time. Do not accept friendship with your ex girlfriend...ever!

Getting back your ex girlfriend is tricky. Any wrong slip or move can diminish the chance of ever getting back with her. This is a time when knowing exactly how to handle yourself is crucial. Most guys do not get their ex back, because they don't know the "right" things to do. They also don't get the help from people who know the secret strategies and tips that can get their ex girlfriend to come back to them. Are you one of these guys or are you the guy who is determined to get her back?

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