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by JO MARK - Date: 2008-04-23 - Word Count: 476 Share This!

Would you like to go on a cruise but just can't afford it? Is you budget stretched to the limit? Well relax; things might not be quite as bad as you think. You probably have a lot more room in your budget than you know. If you are just making ends meet and living month to month, there may be a way that you can go on that cruise.

Most people spend much more money than they think on frivolous impulse items. That coffee every morning, or those candy bars in the afternoon all add up to a considerable amount. If you cut out those meaningless impulse purchases, you can put a substantial amount of money in your pocket every month. Following is a list of items that you might be able to save money on and put enough money away for that cruise:

1. Going out to eat. How many times during the course of an average month do you eat dinner at a restaurant? The average family spends about $200 each month on food eaten outside the home. That includes lunches for children in school. If you invest in a supply of brown bags and some lunchmeat, you can easily shave $150 off this amount.

2. Do you get coffee or some type of breakfast treat on your way to work each morning? The expense may seem meaningless, but when you add it up, it comes to a considerable amount. By spending just $2.50 a day for coffee and a bagel, the annual cost for this meaningless luxury is about $600. Invest in a pound of coffee and drink it at home. This can easily save you $500 per year.

3. Do you eat and drink on a regular basis? I though you might. You can save big bucks by changing your grocery buying habits. Many people drink nothing but bottled water and soda (along with the occasional beer). By switch over to tap water, you can save you almost $300 each year.

4. Use coupons at the grocery store and frequent stores that give double the amount for your coupons. This little trick can save you a cool $250 a year.

I could go on and on, but I think that is about enough for one article. Using just these 4 easy steps above, I've saved you about $2850 over the course of a year. Now, I'm not sure what kind of cruise you are considering, but $2850 will get you on a pretty decent cruise. So, happy cruising!

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