Web Site Traffic Generation Using Viral Marketing

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In recent times, web site traffic generation using viral marketing has become the most popular way to boost the profit of a web site. Before knowing more about viral marketing, let us first understand what viral marketing is. Viral marketing is a marketing technique, which increases awareness of your products and services in the eye of readers. Viral marketing means carrying out a strategy that motivates people to transfer marketing contents to others.

This method of web site traffic generation helps you to make formidable profits by sending your message to thousands of individuals at a rapid multiplication rate. These message transfers are in the forms of flash messages, games, e-books, videos, images, text messages or branded software.

In this technique, a consumer satisfied with your information, informs other people about your products or services, thus increasing your sales. To implement this web site traffic generation tactic, you need to include certain strategies of viral marketing in your online venture.

Different Strategies of Viral Marketing:

1. Giving away free products:

The word free is the most effective and popular term that can increase the profit significantly. When you start an online business, to generate huge traffic flow, give away frees items such as free newsletter subscription, free information, free logos, free buttons free e-books or free software to your customers for the first few months.

This attracts the interest of consumers toward the products you are promoting. For instance, if they are used to receiving your free newsletters, they may eventually buy the products form your site. Later on, even after stopping this activity, your customers will continue buying products from you because they develop the customer-marketer relationship.

In short, giving away something free is favorable for earning residual income.

2. Adding a mail server:

Increase your web site traffic generation by adding the mail server. You need to invite people to your web site and ask them to make free E-mail ids. Whenever, they use your mail server, your URL is delivered to thousands of other individuals, too. This increases the publicity of your products and increasing number of people are likely to open their accounts and buy products from you.

3. Making use of common motivations:

Web site traffic generation increases only when your products lure the customers to buy. For this purpose, it is necessary to make use of motivations. Urge people to buy your products by making idealistic tag lines, headings or caption buttons such as "what are you waiting for, buy now". Such motivational communication urges people to buy those products.

Take Advantage Of Social Networks:

Most people use social networking sites to interact with one another. Usually, individuals who participate in forums or chatting sites, have a network of at least eight to twelve close associates. Use this opportunity as a web site traffic generation tactic. Place your links in such sites. Individuals who visit such sites may at some or other times, purchase those products by clicking your web link. They eventually pass the message to their associates or forum friends who in turn, buy these products.

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