If You Have One Of These People-You Are Happy-If You Don't-You Can Grow Them

by Leonard Buchholz - Date: 2007-01-17 - Word Count: 380 Share This!

Yesterday I had the distinct fun and exciting privilege of having a prescription filled. If you have not had this experience I highly recommend it, as it is right up there with watching paint dry and grass grow.

While I was waiting I had a chance to observe this particular pharmacy's "Rock of Gibraltar, White Knight, Unsung Hero" in action.

Nearly every business has one of these individuals in their organization. This person is usually where the action is hottest. Whenever there is a fire, they show up with the fire extinguisher, a quick fix and a word of encouragement. They then move on to the next one and then the next one. Seamless and quick, never stopping, their whole day is one of accomplishment and satisfaction.

This particular individual never stopped the entire time I was waiting. Between answering the phone, talking with customers who were waiting and moving the line, this "production specialist" was every bit professional and friendly even though he never stopped for one second.

If you have an opportunity to grow one of these individuals, I highly recommend it. You can spot this person early in their career by watching for a few clues that this could be your "production specialist."

1. They do a little bit more than asked. They take a little bit more pride in what they do.

2. They volunteer.

3. They stay late and arrive early.

4. They don't complain.

5. They ask for additional duties.

These are a few signals that this person may be the next Division Manager, Vice President, CEO and Owner. They get it. They understand that every day is a chance to be a little more, do a little more, become a little more. When they show up, it's all in. And these people make the Vice President, CEO and Owner look good.

If you can grow them in your organization, that's even better. By spotting personnel that take a little pride in what they do and gradually building them through goal setting and cheerleading, you can have an entire organization of "Rocks, Knights and Heroes."

It finally came time for me to leave with my prescription, and as I walked out I glanced back at the Unsung Hero. He had barely paused for breath and was already moving on to the next customer. Smoothly, seamlessly, tirelessly.

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