Using Trekking Poles- Mt Kenya

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Using trekking poles while hiking and/or trekking can be an extremely useful and effective item to use during your trip to mt kenya or kilimanjaro. A trekking pole is basically an advance form of a hiking stick. They are made from aluminium, so they are lightweight and collapsible, which makes for easy storage. A trekking pole is available for purchase at most outdoor activity shops, and are well worth every penny as the trekking pole can benefit you in several ways during your trekking, especially when you know how to use them properly.

Although some people may consider the trekking pole as nothing more than a fancy accessory for hikers, it is actually an extremely important tool to have. If you find trekking or hiking to be difficult and hard on your knees or back, but are not willing to stop because it is an activity that you love, then the trekking pole is the solution for your problem. When using a trekking pole you reduce the weight on your back and your legs by at least nine pounds, and if you apply more pressure on the pole it will reduce the weight from your legs and back by at least fifteen pounds. Relieving the weight from your back and legs can make an extreme difference especially if you are carrying a backpack that weights over thirty pounds and you are trekking or hiking for miles.

Using two trekking poles may prove more effective as you will gain more stability while trekking or hiking. Prior to using the trekking poles, you will want to ensure that they are adjusted to the proper height for you. It is advised by some manufacturers that the height of the pole be adjusted to the terrain, however that may prove to be unnecessary and time consuming. It is best if the pole is adjusted to fit you, not the terrain. You will also want to ensure that the wrist straps are properly placed around your wrists for maximum efficiency. While using the trekking poles with the wrist straps, you will want to apply pressure on your wrist, do not grip the pole with your hands to apply pressure, as this will reduce the effectiveness of the poles.

Trekking poles are extremely effective and should be a necessity for every trekking trip you take. The use of trekking poles during your trekking will make such a noticeable difference the first time you use it. It will reduce the stress on your back, legs, knees and feet. It will increase your speed whether you are going up or down a hill; it reduces fatigue, provides stability, and will allow you to travel longer distances. A trekking pole comes highly recommended by avid hikers and trekkers, and when you use one for the first time, you will know why.
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