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Stand up paddling, popularly known as SUP, is a fun and unique way to get a complete body workout. This sport originated in Waikiki roughly 70 years ago, and in recent years, has gained immense popularity throughout the world. All you need to enjoy this surfing experience is a paddle, a large water body and a board. One of the best places to enjoy this sport is at Surfing Gold Coast. As so many people are enthusiastic about this sport, here are few reasons that explain its popularity:

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Are you tired of working out at gym? Why torture yourself at the stair master or treadmill when you can accomplish a great workout while enjoying the beauty of nature. SUP offers you a completely new perspective on the living creatures that live within water. Standing atop your paddleboard, you can see seals, dolphins, fish and sea animals. Fitness Aspect: Stand up paddling is challenging and beneficial for all levels of fitness. One of the best and excellent ways to improve balance, increase core strength and build endurance is via SUP. It is a perfect sport for cross training because it engages all the important muscle groups. Fun: Stand up paddling acts as a leisure and recreational activity for the complete family. Moreover, you can learn it easily and have lot of fun. You can cross train, explore, race, surf, cruise and can take your pets on the water. This surf paddling sport offers water enthusiasts with a complete new set of dynamics, which in turn gives them completely different and new surfing experience. This is one of the most popular sports in beach countries such as the New Zealand, Caribbean and Australia. Over the past few years, Australia has turned out to be a heaven for all SUP enthusiasts. Australia has a beautiful, long and amazing stretch of white sand beaches, popularly known as the Gold Coast. These beaches are well kept and clean. With the climate being so perfect, it is also called surfer's paradise. Therefore, surfing at Gold Coast is extremely popular. The sport surfing helps you to maintain good physical fitness levels. It is because of this reason that you will find several fitness experts at Gold Coast explaining the benefits and other things about this adventurous sport. If you want to learn more about stand up paddling, given below are few tips that will help you. These are as follows: 2SUP is suitable for windsurfers. The wind surfers easily stand up on the board while surfing. Moreover, they do not remain in the water when the wind goes down. However, when it comes to SUP, you can overcome all these obstacles and enjoy it for as long as you want. You can maintain your speed even when the wind goes down. 3Make sure you put on your surfing gear before going for water surfing. Further, ensure that the gear used by you is comfortable and offers you flexibility while surfing. Therefore, the next time you plan to go for stand up paddle surfing, keep all the above-mentioned tips in your mind.

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