Hair Systems For Women - Knowing The Facts

by Hassaan_Ahmed - Date: 2008-11-04 - Word Count: 500 Share This!

Hair loss does not discriminate in any way. Men, Women and Children all loose their hair in different ways. Usually when we think of hair systems we think of the toupee for the man and a wig for a woman but this is far from the reality.

Many women today are experiencing hair loss for many reasons. For some it is caused by hormonal changes, for others it is genetic but generally speaking a woman's hair loss will be diffused meaning there is an overall thinning of the hair or they will experience hair loss on the top of the head somewhat like a man. For women with hair loss there are as many options if not more than there are for men. Women will often have hair systems designed using the same materials as used for a men's system. The main difference is usually on the shape of the base design. Women will usually not have a pronounced recession in the front and their systems are usually in an oval or round shape. Most women reject the idea of having their head shaved for attachment purposes and will opt for clips or tape for their attachment giving them the option to remove the system when they choose. Another great option for women is the use of integration systems. Integrations allow the existing hair to be pulled through the base and integrated with the hair in the system. These systems can be made of materials that have openings as small as a quarter of an inch and go up from there. The reason for the wide variety of opening sizes is to accommodate for any existing hair the wearer might have on their head. Or you may find systems designed with a combination of materials and integration opening sizes based on the hair loss pattern. For example: if the lady has very thin hair on the top but good strong hair and density on the side the option can be anything from a solid top base material with integration openings on the sides and back to a top with very small openings to integrate and larger openings on the sides and back. For ladies with overall diffused hair loss a great option is a three quarter cap integration. These systems are very soft, they fit on the head like a cap leaving about one inch of their hair line uncovered. The cap is made up of cabled threads that have hair tied to them and the existing hair is pulled through the openings allowing all the hair to be integrated. These systems can be secured by using clips, hair pins, and fusion points and in some cases the existing hair pulled through is enough to securely hold the cap on the head.

Any woman who is experiencing hair loss whether temporary or permanent can have the same option of regaining their hair by the use of hair systems with a variety of ready made systems as well as custom designed systems.

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