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by Charles Hamel - Date: 2007-02-04 - Word Count: 553 Share This!

Power leveling in Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) is getting the most experience in the least amount of time. I will cover some basics and formulas in this guide "Leveling Wow" to help you along the power leveling path. Now there is 2 main roads that power levelers usually choose. Some say do nothing but quests and others will tell you to grind. (kill monster after monster). In my opinion the best way to power level is to do a combination of the two. Do the quests that send you out to kill X amount of monsters or collect items that creatures drop that you are grinding on.

One thing you always want to keep a close watch on is the drop rate of the creatures you are killing, if it is extremely low, or becomes low, move on. To find out what the drop rate is there are some add ons to the World of Warcraft game that you can use, that are not against Blizzard's Terms Of Service. Pick up an add-on called PerHour which will give you average XP and Money earned per hour. You want to keep your XP earned per hour in the 20-30 thousand range. from levels 30-49.

For levels below 20 just do quest after quest, there is no other way to gain experience quicker than by doing quests at this point. Take as many quests as possible and at the same time. Many of the quests will send you to the same areas, so you can knock out multiples and not have a lot of running back and forth. Upon entering new areas, before you start killing creatures, grab all of the quests you can from the NPC's.

Play in multiple zones. When you reach level 10, it is time to run to the other starting area's and knock out all of the beginning quests for that area for maximum XP. Green quests are quests that are 2-3 levels beneath you, these provide very good Xp and are fast to complete.

Most guides for leveling WOW characters tell you to grab as many quests as possible, but dont be afraid to abandon quests that have you running all over creation, these are too time consuming and normally the prize is not worth the effort or time. If you decide to take the grinding route, my advice is to stick with Greens. Greens will allow you to kill them very fast and with little downtime.

To sum up everything keep your downtime to a minimum, what is downtime? Sitting on the ground waiting for your health to increase after a fight, or waiting on mana to build. Hence the suggestion to stick with green con mobs.

Combine grinding and questing for maximum xp. And when you do take Quests, take multiples not one at a time. You can always drop them later if they don't fit your style of leveling.

You can get more XP soloing than you can with groups, it is a proven fact, groups mean more downtime.

I hope this guide "Leveling Wow" will give you a start to gaining xp and leveling at a quicker pace than most people in the game of World of Warcraft. With the release of the add-on "The Burning Crusade" it is only going to get more popular. Good Luck and Happy leveling.

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Charles Hamel lives near Houston, TX with his wife and two sons. He is an avid MMORPG fan, and technology geek. For more info on power leveling characters in World of Warcraft visit his site at Guide Leveling Wow

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