Decepticon Constructicons

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Do you have any idea about the decepticons? You might have come across these terms in the recent past. These are actually some fictional characters from the universe of the transformers. These characters were recently used in an American science fiction film Revenge of the Fallen which released in the year 2009.

This is actually a sequel to the film Transformers which released in the year 20007. There are actually two main groups of the transformers. One is the autobots while the other is the decepticons.

One group is actually considered to be good while the other one is considered as bad. The devastator of the transformer was on the side of the decepticons and there was a combination of six robots. The group of the six robots was actually known as the constructicons.

The constructicons had the unique ability to merge themselves into a larger robot which is known as the devastator. These fictional characters are now also available in the form of toys. These toys have become very popular these days. The toy line was released in the year 2009.

It was a big hit from May 2009 to the early 2010. The first pictures of these toy lines started appearing on the internet in 2008. The devastator has only one purpose and that is to destroy everything at crosses his path.

This is actually a gigantic transformer but the actions of thoughts of this transformer can go up to a certain limit. It can go only as far as the six robots will allow it to go. The transformers combine to form a single powerful identity and hence each of them needs to agree on the thoughts and actions.

If they do not agree the transformer will not be able to perform the task. The combination of the transformers has both positive as well as negative effects. The good robots were used to construct different things. The robots could change themselves into different construction equipments like concrete mixer, dump truck and much more.

These robots were meant for construction but sometimes they could even bent on destruction according to the needs and requirements of the transformers. The animated series and the comics usually differ at some point.

According to the animated series the six robots could become one with the power which was provided by the magical leader of decepticons. On the other hand according to the comics the power was provided by the commander of the decepticons.

Two super robots were created who were against each other and wanted to destroy each other. The combined form of the transformers is actually brutal but they are in their purest form. The devastator is usually a being which works on instinct.

He gets rid of everything that comes on his way without even thinking about the consequence. But again the being is quite slow as well as lumbering. The six robots usually form the parts of the body of the final robot. Each of them also has a special role in construction.

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