Find out Why the FHI Flat Iron is Recommended by Top Stylists

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FHI flat irons are now considered be one of the best flat irons on the market. FHI flat irons are a best selling brand and are often mentioned with other big players such as CHI, T3 and Sedu. FHI make a flat iron that they claim is the only true IONIC professional hair iron on the market today.

If you're looking for a top rated flat iron then you should take a look at the FHI range of flat irons. All FHI flat irons employ the latest technology - tourmaline - to straighten hair, making it look smooth and silky and keeping it looking that way. Tourmaline is a type of crystal - a silicate - that has the property of producing lots of negative ions. Tourmaline produces up to 20 times more negative ions than does ceramic plates found on other types of flat irons. Negative ions are important because they seal the hair cuticle, locking in moisture, which makes hair less frizzy and shinier looking. Locking in the moisture also means hair stays straighter for longer.

The FHI Heat Technique Professional flat iron uses 1" tourmaline treated plates. The FHI Technique also uses advanced PTC heater, so that heat up time is in seconds rather than minutes. The FHI flat iron also has an Automatic Heat Sense Recovery System that keeps the plate at a constant temperature; this is vital for getting the best results in hair straightening. The FHI Heat Technique also has plates that have beveled edges, which means you can flip, twist, and curl hair as well as straighten making the FHI Technique a versatile styling tool.

FHI also make the 302 RVI 1 1/4 Ionic Ceramic Iron. The company claims that this is the only true IONIC professional hair iron on the market. I'm not too sure by what the company means by this, as all tourmaline - and ceramic plates for that matter - produce negative ions. This model is more expensive than the FHI Heat Technique. The plates are 1 1/4 inches. The FHI 302 RVI also has a broad heat range, 140 to 450, which you can set with a variable temperature control dial - not all brands, even some of the more well-known and expensive ones always provide this feature.

Other models of FHI flat iron include the 207 RVI 1", 405 RVI 1 3/4". Both of these are similar is style and functionality to the FHI 302 RVI flat iron, the only difference being the difference in plate wdths.

On the whole, FHI flat irons are of excellent quality and can deliver excellent results. They are lightweight, easy to use, come with the latest heat control and ionic technology, and best of all, the price of a FHI flat iron is about mid range upwards - making them cheaper than a lot of comparable brands. FHI flat irons are, for performance and pricing, one of the best flat irons around. Many professional stylists work with them and FHI are often given a top rated status by many consumer reviews.

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