Obesity- More Than Just Overweight!

by Ron Shelf - Date: 2006-12-04 - Word Count: 445 Share This!

Today I want to talk to you about a major problem. I'm talking about the problem we all experience in our lives, which is facing weight problems.

Most of us at some point in our lives tried to lose or gain weight. It is a hard experience for most people, but a few extra pounds didn't hurt any one yet… or did it?

I'm about to talk to you about a different kind of weight problem, now I'm not taking about being a little overweight, I'm talking about a serious, chronic illness.

What happens when you can't control your weight? When it becomes a burden and a life threat!?

In the past years we notice more and more excessively overweight people.

Being overweight can cause health problems, such as:

• Hypertension.
• Stroke.
• Respiratory problems.
• Cancer.
• High cholesterol problem.
• Diabetes.
And many more…

So why do we do that to ourselves? How do we get to the point when we can't stop eating and controlling ourselves?

"It's all in our mind"- Gosh I must have heard this sentence a thousand times but is it really true? Can we decide to just stop and take control?

We need to understand that overeating is not a cause of hunger it is something we do because we feel bad about our lives or something that happened to us. So it is really caused because of something in our mind but it is very real.

What can we do then?

There is a lot to do.

First we need to acknowledge the problem.

Then, talk to our friends and family and ask for help.

We need to understand the bad things in our lives and why we feel so bad.

We also need to know that eating will make us feel worse, because at first we felt bad about something but now after we ate we are mad at ourselves because once again we didn't take control.
So take control- Get help!

Go to classes, talk to people, find hobbies, and most important love yourself.

If you feel bad or something is wrong in your life try and use natural treatments to relax your body. Take a warm bath with lavender, Take a walk, drink mint tea, put your feet in a warm tub with some rosemary, and just make sure you take care of the stress and the burden.

If you really feel you must eat try some of these solutions to make you stop:

• Eat a lot of cabbage.
• Smell grapefruit oil and vanilla oil 20 minutes before every meal.
• Eat 2 red tomatoes every morning for breakfast for a few months.
• Drink a lot of water.

From now on you decide and you take control! You only live once - use your life wisely and don't waste them!

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