Compatible Inkjet Cartriges Are Pure Evil...

by Niall Roche - Date: 2007-12-10 - Word Count: 384 Share This!

If you find yourself overwhelmed by search results for compatible printer cartridges, try changing your keywords to compatible inkjet refills instead. A search for printer cartridges will bring up every type of cartridge made, including toner cartridges for laser printers and refills for fax and copy machines. If you're looking for purely inkjet products then it'll be much faster if you refine your search terms just a little bit.

When looking for compatible printer cartridges, shop cautiously. Remember that many of the claims you read may be advertising claims only. In addition to searching for inkjet refills by matching printer model numbers with ink compatibilities, also look for other information on each site. Articles about replacement inks, compatible vs. brand name ink, and inkjet media will help you decide if the site is knowledgeable about the products it carries.

Many reputable sites offer discounts, coupon buys and other purchase incentives on compatible printer cartridges. However, it's wise to comparison shop and make sure that an offered coupon or discount will deliver true savings on inkjet refills and that it's not just marketing hype on the part of the inkjet vendor.

Another point to check is your merchant's return policy. More and more Internet sites are offering money-back guarantees on their compatible printer cartridges. With all the available choices, there's no reason not to purchase a cartridge that can be returned if it proves unsatisfactory or defective. That's a win-win no matter what way you look at it.

In addition to being compatible with your printer model, cartridges should also be chosen to be compatible with your print project. For instance, cheap generic inkjet refills may be a fine choice for everyday print jobs, but for printing photos on photo paper or transferring images to transfer sheets, you may want a premium ink to be sure that your expensive print media won't be wasted by an inferior product.

Especially beware of compatible printer cartridges that claim to be filled with universal inks, since there isn't an inkjet refill in the universe that is acceptable for every kind of print job. Buy wisely.

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