Not Sure Which Rowing Machine Too Purchase

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The Rowing machine is used to simulate the action of watercraft rowing; they not only work the major muscle groups, but provide excellent cardiovascular exercise. Rowing machines are so popular because they:

• offer low impact exercise.
• are suitable for almost all ages and abilities.
• can be used for endurance and sprint training.
• have low maintenance, keeping costs down.
• are small in size, with some models able to store upright.
• are an effective tool for fat loss.
• generally do not require a power source.

I have outlined a few essential tips to bear in mind when purchasing a rowing machine.

What is your budget?

Rowing machines vary in price enormously depending on the features and design. A high end rowing machine can cost upwards of £1000, although not everyone can or wants to spend £1000 on a rowing machine! As with most exercise equipment you get what you pay for, basic rowing machines start from £299. Many of the rowing machines sold nowadays have features found on commercial models, and all are built to last for years. Generally with more expensive rowing machines, you will find more stable, robust machines, manufactured from the highest grade materials.

How much space do you have?

When purchasing a rowing machine it is always best to measure the space in which you intend the rowing machine to live, you do not want to find that it does not fit in your desired space once it has been delivered! Mot websites display all the dimensions of the equipment they sell on the product details page

Always check what warranty comes with the rowing machine?

Most of the rowing machines sold nowadays come with a minimum 1 year parts and 1 year labour warranty, and often longer. I would recommend looking for a branded model which has an on-site warranty. You do not want to have a rowing machine which you are liable to send back to the supplier if it has a fault.

What are programmes and how do they benefit me?

Many of the rowing machines sold nowadays come with variable and interval programmes, including heart rate controlled programmes (when using the heart rate strap). In the case of the Tunturi models, these can be controlled from the handlebar. Having more programmes is often a necessary aid to keep your commitment to your goals…

How is the resistance level adjustable?

With many cheaper rowing machines, the resistance is provided by an electro-magnet, whilst these provide excellent training, machines using air or water resistance (such as the WaterRower range) will provide a smoother action. Many experienced rowers find the action of the WaterRower the closest to boat rowing. Although the electro magnetic resistance rowing machines do have a different action, they often benefit from features such as being foldable and can sometimes be used for strength training.

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I hope this rowing machine purchase guide has been helpful and if you're looking for an rowing machine then please visit

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