Your Home Computer Will be Safe and Secured if You Follow These Steps

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As a home computer user, you need to make sure that your computer is safe from any form of malicious online attack, including hacking. You might have important data including any identification in your computer which intruders can have access to. It is therefore very important for you to find out just how safe your computer is from these potential attacks.

Primarily, intruders target home computer users because:

(1) Home computer users typically don't have security measures installed on them, which makes them easy targets. an

(2) They often have valuable information, such as credit card information stored which is enough to entice these intruders.

In addition, you have to know what types of attack to expect. Opening an unknown, seemingly innocent email or clicking on an ad-banner will sometimes put you at unwanted risk and open the door for intruders. Once they are in, they're sometimes hard to get rid of, so your home computer security should start with you being careful about the things you do while connected to the Internet.

Besides being careful about which emails to open or not, and which ad-banners to click to or not, you should also be careful about sending valuable information over the Internet. Such information can be interception by a third party. It would be better to transmit really important information the old-fashioned way, unless you are very much confident in your security measures.

Next would be putting security measures on your computer. If your operating system is Microsoft Windows, Apple OS or LINUX you can get a free security updates and malicious software removal tools every month, which would be extremely helpful to you. There are monthly updates because the intruders always try to find a way to get around these security measures on regular basis.

After getting the free security updates of your operating system, you would need to get an anti-virus program, preferably one that has the greatest number of virus definitions you might need to purchase this. Viruses, aside from causing chaos to your computer, can also be used to retrieve information from you and spread out to attack other computers. By obtaining a high-quality anti-virus program, viruses would not be as much of a problem.

Since intruders are aware of the capabilities of anti-virus programs, they sometimes choose to use spyware, which are little bits of data that can be either potentially dangerous or annoying. It slows down your computer processes, and can retrieve data from you. To combat this, there are anti-spyware programs available, both for free -freeware and through purchase.

The final security measure is a firewall. Normally, anti-virus programs offer firewalls, so acquiring one should not be much of a problem. A firewall acts like a security guard and disallows outright entry to anything trying to access your computer even if it is a program, without asking for your confirmation

Computer intruders and viruses should not be taken lightly at all, It would therefore be important for you to know the types of computer viruses available, in order to better protect yourself from them

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