Affiliate Product Launches: How to profit from your list when a new product is launched

by Chris Yates - Date: 2007-08-28 - Word Count: 690 Share This!

Ever receive 10 or 15 email messages on the same day about the same product launch?

If you have, then you probably noticed that all the messages were from affiliates who "just wanted to let you know" about a new product by their "good friend" Mr. X.

I'm sure each email message claims that this is a "must have" and that you should really click on their link. Some may even tell you not to buy the product until you "see this" so that they can get you to their pre-selling page and then tell you why you should buy the product (from them).

Maybe you're even guilty of sending out a few of these messages?

It's completely ridiculous and a complete waste of time!

Here's the "behind the scenes" reason for the whole fiasco...

Someone creates a new product and they announce it to all their affiliates, other marketing friends, etc. with a specific launch date. The launch date is usually at least a few days away.

All the affiliates go to work trying to create a compelling email message to send to their lists. (Sometimes the product creator will even give the affiliates the email message to send.)

Each affiliate puts their "unique" message into their autoresponders to await the launch date.

When the product is officially launched, all those affiliates send out all those messages to all their subscribers at the same time.

And that's why we get multiple messages from different sources about the same product.

So, here's what I have to ask myself... who's really making the money here?

When the market gets flooded with information about a new product like this, the product creator is really the only one making a killing. The affiliates, by and large, only pick up a sale or two using this type of approach because they're competing with all those other affiliates.

There is one exception, however. Those affiliates who:

Develop a completely new approach with their lists and create such a compelling offer that their subscribers wouldn't even consider clicking elsewhere.

Have such a strong relationship with their subscribers that the subscribers would buy anything they recommend.

We'll talk more about how to become one of the exceptions in a minute... first let's talk about why I believe it's a complete waste of time to participate in these generic types of product launches for most affiliates.

The Large List Advantage - If you have a very large subscriber list (I'm talking about several thousand subscribers), then you'll make few, if any, sales.

Here's why: Every email you send out has a conversion rate. Email conversion rates are generally very low compared to webpage conversion rates and your conversion rate is even further diluted by the fact that each one of your subscribers may have receieved 10 other emails on the same product.

So, here's how having a large list give you the advantage: Let's say that you mail out to 200,000 subscribers and your conversion rate is .01%. You'll make 20 sales. On the other hand, let's say that you mail out to 20,000 subscribers and have the same conversion rate... You'll make 2 sales. If you're mailing out to 2,000 subscribers, you probably won't make any sales (0.2 sales). Large lists are a HUGE advantage.

Credibility Damage - If you're the owner of a smaller subscriber list and you send out the same generic message that every other affiliate sends out, it will really hurt your credibility with your subscribers. They aren't stupid, after all. They know that Mr. X isn't really you're "good friend" if they receive the exact same message from 10 other affiliates. You'll get no sales and you'll probably lose some subscribers in the process.

Merchants Win At Your Expense - When a merchant sets out to launch a product in this fashion, they completely flood the market with their sales message... That means that they can make a killing in the first week or two. When I say "a killing," I'm talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars. Most affiliates will see a very tiny piece of that pie -- if they get any of it.

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