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In 1984, a new villain, venom, was introduced to Amazing Spider-Man, thusly making it a venom comic book for many years to come. It was just a brief appearance at first, and during Secret Wars the symbiote that would become venom found Peter Parker and formed itself as a new suit for the web-slinger.

Two years later, in 1986, venom would be born after spider-man rejected the symbiote and it merged with photographer rival Eddie Brock, who hated Peter Parker. The symbiote fed off of Brock's hatred and the two bonded to create a character that would eventually go on to have a venom comic book. But that was a long time off.

Venom was possibly the greatest villain spider-man had ever faced at that time as he knew all spider-man's secrets and had all his abilities. Venom could outmatch spider-man at every turn, which is why the spidey book could actually be considered a venom comic book as much as venom was the superior being at that time. But that would change in later years with the birth of the venom offspring, carnage.

In a crossover reaching through all the spidey titles, carnage was created when an offspring of the venom symbiote bonded with serial killer Cletus Kasady. Spider-man made a truce with Venom to acquire his help in fighting this new and far more powerful villain. The two and friends eventually prevailed over the psychopathic carnage.

The first venom comic book came out in 1993, and was a step in turning venom into a hero. Venom moved to California in a mini-series subtitled Lethal Protector prior to the conclusion of Maximum Carnage. In this venom comic book Brock is hunted down by the father of one of his victims and spider-man comes to his aid eventually. The next venom comic book was Funeral Pyre, followed shortly after by The Madness, The Enemy Within, The Mace, and many other back-to back venom comic books totaling 17 mini-series devoted to the titular character. With the various venom comic books, venom's popularity continued to grow.

Most recently, Eddie Brock had given up the symbiote because he had cancer, and now Max Gargan, formerly the spider-man villain the scorpion is now bonded with the symbiote and is a part of the Thunderbolts, the latest version of a venom comic book as it were. The most recent true venom comic book, however, was published in 2008 and called "Venom: Dark Origins" in which Brock's life and the life of Brock and the symbiote as venom is retold.

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